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6 Work at Home Mom Tips

Work at home mom tips

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At eight months pregnant, I decided to become a work at home mom. Talk about being crazy!

I decided I was going to help bring in a small income while being able to stay home with my daughter. Little did I realize that I would have a full-time business to run. I opened up my shop and received an order within a week. I was working on a custom order while in labor!

After that, though the balancing act had to begin. I had to figure out how to run a business while taking care of my new baby. River and I spent months figuring out how to make it work as she was ever changing in her first year and my business was growing in its first year.

We did it though and here’s how you can too!

1. Have a schedule 

This is so important as a work at home mom! Children need a lot of attention and care, but so does you work. finding that balance is very important. I’ve found sticking to a schedule really helps everyone. I tend to wake up before my kids, work during naps and in the evening.

Here’s a sample schedule for my family. Block scheduling is also one of my favorite ways to plan my day. Use a planner to keep track of what you need to do through our the week.

5-8 A.M. blog work

8-11 A.M. Breakfast and kid activity

11-12 P.M.  Cleaning (dishes, laundry, ect) & kids have quite time

12-1 P.M. lunch and then nap time

1-3 P.M. blog work or cleaning

3-5 P.M. kids activities (outside play, crafts, outing)

5-6 P.M. picking up the house and start dinner. Kids free time

6-7:30 P.M. eat dinner and family time.

7:30-8 P.M. Bath time then bed for kids

8-10 P.M. Blog work or cleaning ( depends on what I did earlier inn the day)

This gives me 7 hours of work time with out children. I do a little social media work during the day from my phone too. I can also get some work in when my baby is sleeping and the toddler is awake. Shes great about playing with toys while I work or watching a movie.

2. Take days off

Taking a day off is so hard for me! Blogging is almost an obsession for me, but my children need mom to focus only on them a couple days a week.  Also I need to remember to work on some self care as a busy mom.

Try to stay away from your office or laptop on your days off. There is seriously nothing that is so urgent that it can’t wait until Monday.


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3. Saying no

I learned that my plate would become way too full and I would be drowning. Things can easily get overwhelming if you take on to much at a time and then it will be easier to fail at your job.

I want to write an e-book, write sponsored posts, guest post and do all my blog work. In reality I can’t do it all, so I schedule everything for in the future or just say no all together.


4. Ask for help 

Talk to your partner, they may not realize how much help you really need. My husband supports my blogging dreams since I’ve already ran one successful business for home. What he doesn’t realize is that getting up every five minutes to take care of a screaming baby or chasing a busy toddler is hard. On the weekends and after he’s home from work I ask him to take the kids so I can get work done.

There are other people to ask for help too, my sister and mother in law are rock starts. They help me clean and watch the kids while I work. They also take the babies on the weekends sometimes so I can get some me time.


5. Have patience

You will be interrupted five billion times before you can complete a task. I’m writing this one handed due to an upset little one. Just know you will eventually be able to finish your task. Even if it means you have to change two dirty diapers, fix three snacks and kiss a boo boo.

6. Hire help

This isn’t always possible if you’re just starting out, but eventually may be an option. Half a year into my business I hired a friend to help with the house cleaning and to watch River for a few hours a couple times a week.

This helped so much! I was able to focus purely on work and knew that my house was getting cleaned and my baby was being well taken care of. We have people watch our children while we’re working outside of the house, so I see no shame in getting help if you really need it.

Being a work at home mom isn’t easy!

But it’s doable and so fulfilling! I have never been more proud of myself! I ran my own business while taking care of a baby. Talk about a boss babe! You can be one too, It just takes planning, help from others and patience. What ‘s your work from home mom tips?





  1. Saying no to things and focusing on doing what’s on your plate with perfection is so important when working from home, and I can imagine especially being a mom!

  2. I love these tips. Working from home is amazing but also so difficult at the same time. Asking for help is a big one for me and one that I still struggle with all the time!

    Thanks for sharing,



  3. Steph

    I think sometimes people don’t understand that working at home is just as hard as working away from the home. Kudos to you for finding your schedule and learning the ins and outs of what works for you! What does Your Etsy shop sell?

  4. Oh my gosh, I so agree with your points! It can be hard to take a day off when you always have access to your work via your mobile device. IT can be hard to find a balance and a schedule is key!

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