work at home mom tips- working from home is hard. Add a children into the mix and it's near impossible. Here are some tips to helps,
work at home mom

Work at Home Mom Tips, Creating a Balance

I was eight months pregnant when I decided to start an Etsy shop and become a work at home mom. Cody took pictures of my belly dragging on the floor, as I pinned fabric together. I started the shop as a hobby, so I could bring in a little extra income while I stayed home with my new baby. My hobby quickly turned into a full time job and that’s when learning how to balance a baby, home making and a business became a necessity. Let me tell you it was not an easy task, so here is how I try my best to balance my work life and home life.

1. Work at home mom schedule 

I worked hard to find a schedule that gave River the attention she needed while getting my work done. I didn’t keep strictly to my schedule, because that’s not realistic with a kid. Here’s what my schedule looked like, also try a weekly planner like this one.

7;00AM I woke up and got breakfast
7:30AM  I worked out
8AM I got River up/fed/snuggled
9AM  I start work
12PM  I got lunch for me and River
1PM I put River down for a nap and went back to work
3PM I got River up from nap and gave her a snack
3;30PM I went back to work
4:30PM We’d go to post office
5PM I started dinner
6PM I would get some cleaning done
7PM River’s play time
8PM River’s bedtime routine
9-10PM I spent time with Cody


2. Take days off

It was hard for me to take days off. My office was always right there and there was always some work that needed down, so I was constantly burnt out and wasn’t having fun anymore. I forced my self to start taking days off to spend with my family and myself.


3. Saying no

I learned that my plate would become way to full and I would be drowning. Things can easily get overwhelming if you take on to much at a time and then it will be easier to fail at your job.

over worked

4. Ask for help 

I asked my husband when I needed help with orders. He could do the simple tasks while I focused on the harder ones. I also asked for help around the house, just because I was home all day doesn’t mean I had time to clean the house or get dinner ready.

people working

I decided to close my shop because I wanted to spend more time with River and we we were trying to get pregnant again. Running a business was a great experience and learning opportunity for me.

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  1. Saying no to things and focusing on doing what’s on your plate with perfection is so important when working from home, and I can imagine especially being a mom!

  2. I love these tips. Working from home is amazing but also so difficult at the same time. Asking for help is a big one for me and one that I still struggle with all the time!

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Steph

    I think sometimes people don’t understand that working at home is just as hard as working away from the home. Kudos to you for finding your schedule and learning the ins and outs of what works for you! What does Your Etsy shop sell?

  4. Oh my gosh, I so agree with your points! It can be hard to take a day off when you always have access to your work via your mobile device. IT can be hard to find a balance and a schedule is key!

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