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Valentines Day Bucket List for Children

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I love valentines day! The candy, the sweet cards, and all the pink! My parents were actually married on valentines day, talk about romantic! I remember as a kid making cards for my class and cutting out paper hearts to decorate. I wanted to share the same excitement with my toddler this year, so I decided to create a valentines day bucket list.

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Valentines day buck list

  1. Help your child make some valentines cards their classmates. if they’re not in school make some for mom, dad, grandparents and other siblings.
  2. I love to cut out paper hearts and then have the children decorate them.
  3. You can also cut out paper hearts and make some garland out of them to decorate their room with.
  4. Bake some sugar cookies that are heart shaped and then decorate them with pink frosting.
  5. You can watch a valentines day movie and eat some popcorn.
  6.  Buy your children a heart thing of candy and a stuffed animal and give it to them valentines day morning.
  7. Have your children help make pink heart-shaped pancakes with chocolate chips.
  8. Go on a mommy/daughter date or mommy/son date to get ice cream or something else fun.
  9. Make this adorable bird feeder heart and let your children watch the birds enjoy it.
  10. Try out this awesome valentines day popcorn. It would be great to go with your valentines day movie.
  11. Create a valentines day scavenger hunt and have a cute valentines day related prize.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you and your children have a wonderful valentines day. I’m so excited to celebrate this valentines day with my children and husband. Is there anything you do with your children for valentines day? If so let me know in the comments!

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