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Trying to Conceive – Four Tips to Try

With River I didn’t have to learn anything about trying to conceive. I just stopped my birth control and boom I was pregnant the very next month. I had a blissful pregnancy never having to feel the pain of a miscarriage or have difficulties with my pregnancy. My second go around was not so easy and pleasant. I had my nexplon removed in August just after Rivers first birthday, I went into the TTC (trying to conceive) process with the same ignorance I had with my first pregnancy. My cycle didn’t go right back to normal so it was hard to track and my ovulation test are always positive.

I became pregnant the third month of trying. I would have been due in August like I was with River, but I unfortunately had an early miscarriage. Fast forward about 4 months and I finally conceived again. I’m currently pregnant (11 weeks) and everything seems to be going well. While I didn’t try near as long as some women do I did learn a lot about TTC.

Trying to conceive tip 1: Learn your cycle

This is the very first thing you should do. An average cycle is 28 days, but can very from woman to woman. Mine is 29 days, but some months it can very by a couple days. The first day of your period is day one. On average most women ovulate around day 14 of there cycle, but again that isn’t set in stone. I ovulate on day 15. there are many free apps to track your cycle on, like this one Period Tracker, so it’s super easy and will help a lot!

Trying to conceive tip 2: Learn when you ovulate

There are a few ways to track ovulation. The easiest way is to buy ovulation tests. Usually store kits come with 7 in a pack, but online you can get a 25 pack for cheap. I would suggest starting to test on cycle day 8 up until you get a positive. A positive is when the line is as dark as or darker then the control line. Ovulation occurs about 24-72 hours after your first positive and that’s the best time to have sex.

You can check your basil body temp every morning at the exact same time. You take your temp before you even leave the bed and make sure it’s at the exact every day. Start when your period ends but you can start before then too. You need a special basil thermometer to get the correct reading. Use the fertility friends app to keep track of your temp and it will give you cross hairs when you ovulate. Another more personal way is to check your cervix’s, when you ovulate it will be soft like you lip, open, up high and wet. This was is really hard and you should do the other two to have more accurate results, but it’s free and with enough practice you can tell no problem.

Trying to conceive tip 3: Get healthy 

When your body is healthy it’s easier to get pregnant. I ate a lot of fish, fruit, veggies, nuts, dairy and lean meats. I also learned about supplements to take, start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible, add vitamin D and fish oil supplements. There are tons of other supplements I’ve learned about, but didn’t try such as royal jelly, maca root, red raspberry leaf tea, primerose oil. Defiantly do your research and make sure your comfortable about taking any supplements. Drink 2 liters of water daily! exercise also help, being over weight can lower your chance of getting pregnant as well as being under weight. In general exercise helps get you body ready for the strain of pregnancy.

Trying to conceive tip 4: Patience and not stressing

I had a problem with this. I was just finishing up running my etsy shop and was beyond stressed from that and then the added stress of not getting pregnant as fast as I thought I would. The month I let go of the obsession of wanting to get pregnant and just focusing on River I got pregnant. I know I know it’s easier said then done but I swear it really helps!

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