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Toddler summer bucket list

In a a couple months summer will be in full swing here. With the winter we are so ready to get out of the house to have some out door fun!

I’ve created a super fun toddler summer bucket list. I want to create amazing summers like my parents did before me. Something found to look back on when my children are grown.


  1. Play in the sprinkler
  2. Go to a local swimming pool or get one of your own
  3. Get some ice cream at your local ice cream shop
  4. Have a trip to your local zoo to tech your toddler about animals
  5. Make your own Popsicle with fruits or kolaid with this awesome Popsicle mold
  6.  Side walk chalk art! Your toddler will love you.
  7.  Go to the park. My little lady loves going to the park and we love to pack a picnic for lunch.
  8. Go for a walk! Exercise and vitamin D is great.
  9.  Go to the beach if you live in a city with an ocean or a river if you you don’t. Take some sand toys.
  10.  Blow some bubbles or get a bubble machine for your toddler
  11. Go to the splash park
  12.  Plant a garden and have your toddler help
  13.  Go to the dollar theater when they have kids movies
  14.  Watch fire works and play with poppers on the 4th of July and fireworks
  15.  make s’mores!
  16.  Go to a local berry picking farm and make pies out of the berries
  17. Go camping in the back yard!
  18. get a swing set, play house or Trampoline
  19.  Make your own ice cream!



Here are 19 things for your toddler summer bucket list. Do you have any suggestions for a toddler summer bucket list let me know below.

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