things to do when you find out you're pregnant| your first trimester can be a bit of a learning experience. You may not know what to do when you first become pregnant. Here's a check list of the 6 things you should do.

7 things to do when you find out you’re pregnant

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You’re sitting in the restroom and wait the 3 or so minutes for the pregnancy test’s dye to settle down. A second line starts to appear, you’re filled will a mix of excitement and a little fear.

You’re expecting either a bouncing boy or sweet baby girl. Now that you know your probably wondering what you should do first to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Today I’m going to tell you exactly what things you need to do when you find out you’re pregnant.

Make an appointment with your OB

Most OB’s will have you come in when you are 8 weeks along. They usually get a family history, take blood and sometimes do an ultrasound. These are all important for you and your baby’s health. This also rules out things like an ectopic pregnancy or other health concerns in early pregnancy.

To be prepared know when your last period was and have a list of questions. while you won’t learn your baby’s gender yet you will learn when your due and how far along you are.

Some questions to ask

  • can I keep taking my medications?
  • can I keep my work out routine?
  • what should I do for a healthy pregnancy? ( I don’t have all the answers)
  • what should I avoid doing while pregnant?
  • What can I do for morning sickness?
  • What are the signs of miscarriage or other problems?

Get prenatal vitamins

You’re baby will take everything they need from you, but that will leave you lacking if you don’t get enough nutrition. Pregnancy is like a marathon, you need to be at your best. Your baby also needs a lot of folic acid to prevent things like Spinal Bifida.

Not all prenatal vitamins are the same. Here are my recommendations.

Start eating healthy

This is hard when you have crazy pregnancy cravings. Think fruits, veggies, non-processed meat and healthy grains. Here’s a list of foods to avoid while pregnant.  You also only need 500 extra calories a day, you’re not actually “eating for two”.

Stop bad habits

There are the basics like smoking, drugs, and drinking. Though after the first trimester some doctors are okay drinks a small glass of wine once in a while. This is a choice you and your doctor should make.

Caffeine can actually be bad for your baby. My first had a heart abnormality and I had to stop all caffeine at the end of my pregnancy.  She’s fine now, but it was a tad scary. it’s recommended to only drink 200mg of caffeine or about one cup of coffee a day.

Figure out how and when you will announce

I am one of those women who announce shortly after I find out. I’ve had a miscarriage and I announced a couple days before finding out. A couple months late I became pregnant with my second and still announced early. I knew I would be okay talking about my miscarriage.

Many women prefer to wait until the 12-week mark or even later. 12 weeks is when the risk of a miscarriage decreases drastically. a miscarriage can be hard to cope with and having to talk to other about it can be uncomfortable. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.

There are many fun cute ways to announce! Pinterest and Etsy have several great ideas!

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Document your journey

I personally used a Chalkboard to write what week I was, the milestone my baby hit, and the fruit they were the size of. Again Pinterest and Etsy are a great place to get ideas!

You can just google the size of your baby that week and any other information you’d like to add to your photo. To really show your bump progress try and wear the same outfit every time.

Get some first-trimester survival needs & pregnancy items

Morning sickness sucks! There are a few ways to decrease nausea. Try things like ginger and peppermint tea, vitamin B6, and preggo pops. Make sure to eat small meals throughout the day and keep crackers by your bed. You can also talk your doctor about getting some nausea medication.

Start your maternity wardrobe! You may not fit in the clothes for a while, but it never hurts to catch someone sale. I love Macy’s and Motherhood for cute maternity clothes.

Some other things I recommend are a pregnancy pillow, you start getting uncomfortable fast. Make sure to drink a ton of water! Keeping a water bottle with me at all times helped me stay hydrated.  Lastly, start using belly oil or butter right away to help reduce stretch marks.


Pregnancy is such a fun and frightening time! With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to a healthy and happy pregnancy. Do you have any tips for things to do when you find out you’re pregnant? Let us know in the comments!


 things to do when you find out you're pregnant| your first trimester can be a bit of a learning experience. You may not know what to do when you first become pregnant. Here's a check list of the 6 things you should do.

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