things to do in the third trimester- there are several thing to do before you baby baby comes. The third trimester is the perfect time to do all of these things! Here are several tips for things you should do. ||

Things to do in the Third Trimester

Things to do in the third trimester

In my experience with both pregnancies, the third trimester takes forever! It’s the last stretch before you get to meet the little hiccup monster in your belly. I find that if I stay busy during the last trimester it seems much shorter. I compiled a list of things to do in the third trimester to get ready for your baby.

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Baby related things to do

  1. put together your nursery furniture
  2.  put the crib sheet and changing pad cover on their mattresses
  3. Add nursery decorations
  4. Wash all of the baby clothes, blankets, burp cloth, etc. Then put them away.
  5. Get baby-friendly laundry detergent
  6. Set up the bassinet or co-sleeper next to your bed
  7. Set up changing stations around the house. Put Diapers, wipes, burp clothes, swaddle blankets, diaper cream, pacifiers, nipple cream and an extra set of clothes in each.
  8. Buy a baby grooming kit, nasal bulb, thermometer , etc.
  9. Get bath items, hooded towel, wash clothes, baby shampoo, body wash, and lotion
  10. Make sure you have a boppy pillow and nursing cover if you’re planning on breastfeeding
  11. Stockpile wipes and diapers
  12. Pick out their going home outfit
  13. Pack their hospital bag
  14. Buy bottles and Formula (if formula feeding). Formula is usually good up to six months unopened and one month after opened.
  15. Find a pediatrician for your little one.
  16. Get the car seat installed a couple weeks before you’re due. If you’re unsure if it’s installed correctly, most hospitals or fire departments have car seat techs.
  17. book a photographer for newborn pictures. Something I wish I had done with both children. I was too tired after giving birth.
  18. Pick out a birth announcement if you plan on doing one.
  19. Get a sound machine. Those things will literally save your sanity.
  20. Pick out a baby wrap/carrier. I actually have both, a wrap for the newborn stage and a carrier for when he’s bigger.They carries don’t have to be expensive but research every one to make sure they won’t hurt your babies hips.
  21. Pick out your nursery theme if you haven’t already.

Mom related things to do

  1. Get a mani/pedi
  2. Go for a prenatal massage
  3. Pack your hospital bag
  4. Figure out what you plan to wear during labor. Be it a bra and shorts, your own hospital gown, the hospital’s gown, a bra or whatever is comfy.
  5. Get the whole house cleaned. Either by you or by a maid ( you need some pampering)
  6. Make a postpartum kit. Think huge pads, witch hazel wipes, one of those peri bottles , mesh underwear for the huge pads(I always run out of the hospital provided ones) and nursing pads.
  7. Buy some Nursing bras (if you’re going to breastfeed) and normal leggings because it’s not comfy to wear your pants afterward.
  8. Make freezer meals, you won’t want to cook after having a baby.
  9. buy paper plates and plastic silverware so you don’t have to wash dishes.
  10. Get all of your laundry done. You’re just not going to want to do it when you have a sweet baby to look at.
  11. Have a bunch of easy healthy snacks available. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. You’ll be starving!
  12. Take a prenatal/birthing class. I love this online class: Online Prenatal Class for Couples
  13. Have pain meds and stool softener available. You’ll probably need both.
  14. Hire a birth photographer if you plan to use one.
  15. Make sure your birth plan is ready. I have my toddler and a bunny eat two copies of mine and ended up going into labor before making a new one.
  16. If you have an older child, spend as much time with them as possible. It’s hard to give them the same level of attention after the baby is born.
  17. Also, spend time with your husband. Since I co-sleep I don’t even get to cuddle in bed with my husband much anymore.
  18. Get your breast pump. Several insurances will pay for your pump.
  19. stock up on milk storage bags. Little tip: if you lay them flat in the freezer it will save you room.
  20. If you are going back to work after your maternity leave if up figure out your daycare provider.
  21. Clean your car out. For some reason, I deep cleaned my car, but we went to the hospital in my husband’s car. We were cleaning the car out while I was in labor.
  22. Get a pad to go on your bed. With my first, my water broke while we were in bed. Luckily it was a small leak at first. I would have hated to clean that up after bringing home my baby.
  23. If you’re a new parent, attended birthing classes at the hospital. They also have classes to teach you how to take care of your newborn. I only took the newborn classes but I loved them!
  24. Make your nurses a gift basket. I wish I had prepared that earlier. I went into labor at 37 weeks, so I wasn’t totally prepared.
  25. Take a tour of the hospital if you’re a new mom or unfamiliar with the hospital.
  26. Register with the hospital. I went to a new hospital when I thought I was in labor while at my husbands work. That took forever to fill out!
  27. Go food shopping a week before you’re expected to go into labor. I was actually in labor when I was doing out food shopping for the week. Total win on my part!
  28. Get maternity pictures done. You’re as pregnant as you’re going to get, so it’s the perfect time to take pictures of you’re beautiful belly.
  29. Make sure your older children have a babysitter available at any time. My daughter went to her grandparents, for the two days that we were in the hospital. I missed her so much, but it helped me bond with my son.


The last trimester is hard, but you can do it! Hopefully, these tips will help you figure out what you need to do before your baby is born! Did I miss any tips about preparing for your newborn in the third trimester? If so let me know in the comments!


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