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14 Things Postpartum Moms Need to Know

Things Postpartum Moms Need to Know

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When I became pregnant with both my children I never really thought about the postpartum part of it all. Each time was so different and I actually recovered faster with my second baby. When I always believed it would take longer!

There were some weird things I didn’t even contribute to just having a baby. At least until I used the all-knowing Google and my doctor.

There are so many different factors that can affect what happens to you postpartum, but I’m going to try and tell you about the things postpartum moms need to know.

Right after birth

1. The uterus massage

So let’s start with right after birth. You will receive a uterus massage. One of the most painful massages you will ever receive! I about sucker punched my doctor when he started rubbing without warning. It was seriously worse than the contractions. It’s supposed to help your uterus shrink down. I think they do it to be mean!

2. If you have an epidural

If you have an epidural like I did they have to rip the tape off that they used to keep it in place. That was not pleasant at all! It was also the most shocking thing to happen. I’m not sure why, since what must go on must come off. It was still very surprising and painful.

3. If you breastfeed

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things your body can do, but it hurts. I mean it’s not the worst pain ever, just not something I was expecting. The upside is it gets better. After about two weeks I don’t feel pain anymore. Until then try some nipple cream to help.

4. You will bleed a lot! 

Use those huge pads and mesh panties the hospital provides. They’re not cute, but much better than bleeding everywhere. You will bleed for up to 6 weeks and can’t use tampons until you get the go-ahead from your doctor. Stock up on granny panties and pads, you will so thank your self. If you’re filling a pad within an hour or feeling dizzy call the doctor. You could be hemorrhaging.

5. You’ll still have cramping afterward

I didn’t have them with River, but with Finn, I felt like I was still in labor sometimes! They took me by surprise and I had to ask a nurse if it was normal. It’s just your uterus trying to shrink back down.

6. You’ll become engorged easily 

Your breasts are trying to regulate how much milk your baby needs. That means becoming engorged is very likely. They should regulate in a few weeks. I rarely get engorged now at three months postpartum.

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The following days/weeks

7. Hemorrhoids and pooping 

You just pushed a baby out (if you had a vaginal birth), so you’re probably going to have hemorrhoids. This makes pooping hurt (usually, not always) and the first time you go after birth is terrifying! The best thing you can do for yourself is take the stool softeners the doctor gives you.

8. Your hair will fall out

Not all of your hair, but it sure will seem like it! Mine started at about two months postpartum and now at over three months postpartum it’s still coming out! It does eventually stop though, just keep taking your prenatal vitamins to help.

9. The hormones are real! 

With both children, I cried a lot after giving birth. It wasn’t always sad crying either. I would cry over how much I just loved them! This should last about 6 weeks, If it last long you may have postpartum depression. You should talk to your doctor right away.

10. you will sweat

I woke up one night just drenched in sweat after I had River. I was like what the heck, it’s not hot in here. Yep, just another thing your hormones going back to normal will cause.

11. The scab

I seriously am glad I was warned about this right after birth. Your placenta was attached to your uterus, so when it separates you form a scab. Said scab will come out. Either in one big chunk like mine did in the shower after having River. Or it can be in small clots over a week like I had happened postpartum with Finn. You’re not dying I promise!

12. You shouldn’t have sex for 6 weeks

This is so you don’t get an infection because your cervix is still open. Now some women go ahead anyway and others wait even longer. I wait the recommended time because I just pushed a huge baby out of me and don’t want anyone down there!

13. Another breastfeeding fact

You will be starving! I eat more now then when I was pregnant. You can also have cravings like when you were pregnant. Some women do lose weight while breastfeeding. Then there are women like me who gain weight, from all the snacking.

14. You will be exhausted

You’re probably like duh Cynna! It’s true though, I have never felt a tiredness like it before. It’s not even right after, it’s usually a few weeks in. You’re getting up every two hours and that is hard on the human body! If you’re a breastfeeding mom you don’t really get to take a break even if your husband helps. Just know that those nights will go fast and you may even miss them one day.


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