surviving the first trimester
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Surviving the First Trimester

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The first trimester is grueling! You are dealing with morning sickness, fatigue, and many other changes. Even harder since you’re not showing and may not have announced yet, so people don’t understand your hardships. You desperately want to feel normal (or as normal as possible).

There are many things that can help you throughout the first trimester. You probably want to know what those things are, so I’ve created a first-trimester survival kit and some tips!

Surviving the first trimester

Snacks and light meals

Eating small snacks and meals throughout the day will help keep nausea at bay. Stay away from heavy foods or spicy foods. They tend to make morning sickness worse. Here are a few examples.

  • Crackers
  • Toast ( I loved adding peanut butter)
  • Soups
  • fruit and veggies
  • cheese
  • boiled eggs
  • nuts

Morning sickness aids

Morning sickness really sucks! Constant nausea and then throwing up foods you love (or use to love) is not pleasant. Here are a few things that can ease the suffering.

Drink more water

Your body requires more water than normal when you are pregnant. Let’s also be honest, most people don’t get enough water to begin with. Staying hydrated will help morning sickness as well as make you feel better in general. Try carrying around a water bottle, so you always have access to water.

Do light exercise

Exercising is probably the last thing you want to do right now, but it tends to make you feel better. It will also keep you in shape and help you have a healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy. Try pregnancy yoga, its gentle on your body and you get to wear leggings!

I recommend this yoga mat.

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Get plenty of sleep and rest

You’re building a human being, your body is working 24/7! You’re body needs as much sleep and rest as you can get. You may not be showing yet, but sleep can be uncomfortable even in the first trimester. I suggest getting a pregnancy pillow ASAP.

Some women have insomnia at the beginning of pregnancy and shouldn’t take most sleep aids. melatonin ( a natural sleep aid) and lavender essential oil can help you get to sleep easier. Remeber to talk to your doctor before taking any medications (natural or not).

Also, start taking your prenatal vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies can wreak havoc on your body. You’re baby will take all the nutrition they need, but you may suffer from it.


Surviving the first trimester is hard, but you can make it easier with these few tips. What would you recommend to a woman in her first trimester? Let us know in the comments!

How to survive the first trimester| Do you need a first trimester survival kit? Here's exactly what to put in it and some tips. Like morning sickness aids and what your body needs in the first trimester.

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