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8 Summer Essentials for the Diaper Bag

Summer essentials for the diaper bag

Summer is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! My family loves to go to the parks and swim during the summer.

That means my diaper bag is always packed full of summer essentials. This year I will be packing for a baby and a toddler, so I’ll be adding a few extra items to my diaper bag this year.

Here are 8 summer essentials to for the diaper bag.

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1. Sunscreen

I make sunscreen a permanent item in my diaper bag during the summer. You never know when you’re going to end up out in the sun for a long period of time. A sunburnt baby is seriously the saddest thing.

I recommend Babyganics sunscreen. Its organic, so it won’t have harsh chemicals that are horrible for your baby’s and toddlers sensitive skin.

2.  Water bottle

You never know when your kiddo’s are going to get thirsty. Having a water bottle on hand will help keep them hydrated and comfortable.

Get a water bottle that’s insulated, so your water stays cold while you’re out and about.

3. Sun hat

Baby’s heads burn so fast! Did you know your baby has to be 6 months or older to use sunscreen on them? A sun hat will give them protection until then. Here’s a cute one for your toddler as well.

4. Snacks

Kids work up an appetite while running around or swimming. Having snacks ready to go will save you money and keep a toddler from having a meltdown. These snack cups are great for babies and toddlers.

5. Mini first aid kit

Kids are daredevils! I don’t know how many times having band-aids on hand has come in handy.  You don’t need a huge first aid kit, just one that has the essentials. Grab this cute little first aid kit

6. An extra set of clothes

Kids are prone to getting messes on their clothes. Toddlers who are getting potty trained may get too involved with playing at have an accident, so always be prepared. Just grab some shorts and a shirt (underwear if necessary)

7. Diapers and wipes

Don’t forget the diapers and wipes! wipes are great for multiple purposes. I love babyganics wipes and diapers since they’re organic like the sunscreen above.

8. Hand sanitizer

When you’re out and about you never know if there will be a sink to wash little hands in. Having hand sanitizer especially after playing at the park is a great idea.


Summer is such a fun time to make memories. I hope these 8 summer essentials for the diaper bag help you this summer. Do you have any extras you put in your diaper bag in the summer?

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