How to run a successful business as a stay at home mom- running a business as a stay at home mom isn't easy, but it's possible. Here's how I ran a successful Etsy shop and made 2,000 a month. #etsy #homebusiness #stayathomemom #makingmoney
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Successful Business as a Stay at Home Mom

Successful business as a stay at home mom

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At eight months pregnant I decided it was time to help bring in a little extra income. I know, I know why would I decide to start then? I blame nesting!

Earlier in my pregnancy I had learned how to sew and discovered that I had a talent for it. I sewed all of River’s crib bedding, burp clothes, some swaddles and eventually learned to make clothing. Since I was fairly good at sewing I decided to try an etsy shop.

I spent hours learning about SEO and what was popular in my niche (crib bedding). In a couple months I was actually making an income and at about the one year mark I was making a full time income. Here are a few tips that helped me run a successful shop.

SEO – search engine optimization

Basically this is the tag portion of your Etsy listing and keywords in your description. Etsy has articles that were very helpful at teaching me how to do it properly.

Another thing I learned is to look at similar Etsy shops and see what they use for tags. now don’t copy every tag but getting some ideas is really helpful. A very descriptive description helps not only with giving your customers all the information they need, but also helps with you SEO ranking.

An app I loved to use was Etsy ranking, it rates how the listing is doing is the search pages and how good your tags are. Not only does this help you rank in Etsy, but also when people search on google. Learning all about search engine optimization is probably the number one best thing you can do for your Etsy shop.

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Have attractive photos

I suck at photography! It took a lot of work for me to have decent photos. Like I’ve stated before use your competition to learn, I looked at how mine did the lighting and angles for while taking photos of their crib bedding. I learned what looks attractive and what was just blah.

Etsy has articles that teach you some photography skills that helped too. I just used my phone, there was no need for a fancy camera. If you have extra money a nice camera and photography classes can only help.

Bright clean pictures of your product really help make your product appealing. Dim light, cluttered pictures will make even the best product unappealing.

Explore the Etsy chat boards 

I learned from veteran sellers little tips and tricks that helped boost my views. You can ask questions about darn near everything and someone should know the answer.

They also teach you about copy right issues you may not know you’re breaking. They can be blunt, but they’re advice is usually true. They can help you with tips on getting more views and how to use social media to gain more traffic.

Use social media

I loved Instagram as my main way of getting my products out there. I also had my own Facebook page that generated some sales. Twitter can be helpful, but wasn’t really my thing.

Now Pinterest is a game changer. Since it’s a visual search engine it’s a great way to show off your products. Make sure you have beautiful pictures and a keyword dense description. Repin your pins several times and to group boards, so they can be seen. Pinning it once just won’t do the trick.

Over a 100 listings

I started getting high views once I have over a 100 listings and then that turned into paying customers. 100 seems to be a magical number according to other sellers as well. Now having more then that is even better. The more products you have then more potential you have of getting a sale.

Don’t treat it as a hobby

I spent 12 hours a day or more working on my shop, sewing or marketing. The work never ends if you’re doing everything right and if you treat it as a hobby you will not see a high number of sales. I put money, blood (some times literally) and sweat into my shop and in return my business bloomed.

I loved running my etsy shop, but it was a ton of work and took more time to run the a 9 to 5 job. One my little one got to the walking stage I couldn’t keep up and decided to close. You will have to learn how to balance work and family once you get a good amount of sales. Also not everyone succeeds, but it’s always fun to try.

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