stomach flu with a toddler- Here's a survival guide to deal with a toddler with the flu.
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Stomach Flu with a Toddler : Survival Guide

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A couple days ago River and I celebrated the Fourth of July with my parents. We had a huge group at my parent’s cafe and everyone except me and the children were drinking. I thought on the plus side I at least don’t have to deal with a hangover. Little did I know the next morning I would wake up feeling horribly sick. Not only a couple hours later Cody had to come home from work due to the same reason, the stomach flu had gotten us all.

I knew I had to figure out how to make us as comfortable as possible. Dealing with a sick toddler while I was sick was going to be a nightmare. I researched every way possible to make us feel a little less miserable. Here is what I found worked for us.


water is great, but you also need electrolytes. I did vitamin water, but coconut water, pedialight, and gaterade work as well. Wait a least an hour after throwing up to attempt any fluid, otherwise, it can just irritate your stomach and make you sick again.


When River and I returned from my parents, we took a nap. We also laid in bed most the day and went to bed early. After sleeping I always felt just a little better. River was up and being more normal after a few naps.


Get comfortable  

We all stayed in our bed and watched T.V. together. I had water, light snacks and all of Rivers diapering stuff handy. Bowls just in case, rags to wash our face off and plenty of blankets and pillows. We have a bathroom attached to our bedroom so that helped with not having to go far to use the toilet and take baths. Warm tea with honey was a nice for later in the evening.

Have supplies ready

A little TMI, but the whole flu is kind of gross. River had explosive diarrhea that went through her diaper into our bed, so we ended up having to change the sheets. We only have two sets of sheets right now and I had just changed the sheets the day before, so both were dirty. We improvised with a flat sheet for the night until I felt well enough to do up the laundry. River also had an accident in her bed, so her sheets had to be changed as well. Have extra comfy clothes at the ready as well.

Remember you’re sick 

I felt bad about not getting any cleaning or other chores done around the house. I had to keep reminding myself that I need to let my body heal and it’s okay to take a day off to rest with my sick baby.

While it was a pretty awful day, it was nice to spend time with my toddler and husband. We spend quality time with each other frequently but being in one room all day really helped us bond. Hopefully, these tips are helpful and you feel better soon!

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  1. Stomach bugs are literally my least favorite part of parenting! Especially when they are too little to get it in the toilet/bucket. Hope you guys all recovered very quickly! The only good thing about stomach bugs is they typically just last a day.

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