18 stay at home mom jobs and side hustles- Most stay at home moms want to be work at home moms. Here some jobs and side hustles you can do to bring in a nice income or a few extra hundred a month. |Thentherewasfour.com|
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Stay at home mom jobs & side hustles

Stay at home mom jobs

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I’ve been a stay at home mom/wife for 4 years now. While I love being home with my children, I feel the need to bring in some extra income. The work in my just doesn’t want to be idle, so I’ve looked at several potential stay at home mom jobs.

I’ve actually run two different home businesses. The first I sewed and sold baby bedding on Etsy, find out how I earned 2,000 a month doing this! Then I decided to start my own blog. I’m still in the beginning stages of my blog, but there is so much potential for me to earn a full-time income!

Here are several stay at home mom jobs and side hustles!


1. Freelance writer

If you love to write this is the perfect job for you to do at home! You can apply to places like upwork, freelancer, textbroker. You can also look on craigslist in the gig section.

2. Virtual assistant 

Bloggers love virtual assistance to help with the daily blog upkeep! You don’t need much experience, but there are also classes you can take to learn.

3. Transcriptor 

You listen to an audio file and type up what it’s saying. Easy as pie!

4. Create a blog!

Now it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but you can earn a few hundred dollars or even up to 100,000 dollars a month like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner at making sense of cents does! Some hosting you can purchase are Blue Host, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

5. Proofreader 

Not my area since I’m horrible at spelling and grammar, but if you’re awesome at both then it’s the job for you!

6. Tutor

I’m not great with things like English or Math, but I could teach someone all about sewing! Think about what you’re really good at.

7. MLM consultants

I’m not familiar with every aspect, but many stay at home mom’s make pretty good money doing it.

8. Nanny/babysit

I know women who take their kids with them to nanny or run an in-home daycare.

9. Bookkeeping

It’s hard to find Bookkeeping jobs that you get to work at home, but it is possible!

10. Customer service 

Again not a common thing to find. I did know a woman who worked for an airline and helped customers reschedule their flights.

11. Website designer

If you know anything about designing websites you can make it a work at home job.

12. Photographer 

This isn’t always kid-friendly, but you can do it in your home or do it when your husband can watch the kiddos.

Side Hustles

1. dog walker/ pet sit

If you like animals (crazy cat lady here!) then this is a great way to make extra money!

2. Redo furniture and sell it

So free furniture just needs a little TLC and you can change it into a profitable piece!

3. Sell on eBay

My husband did this for a short while. He found discounted items and sold them on eBay. Not a get rich quick thing, but we had a little fun money.

4. Sell old clothes/home goods 

Once a year I go through our house and sell our good quality clothes, appliances we no longer use, decor I no longer want, etc.

5. Take surveys

I personally use GlobalTestMarketing, Harris poll online, Swagbucks and Panel Place. There are also several others you can use to make a couple extra hundred a month.

6. Lyft/Uber driver

This can be hard if your kids are young, but you can do it when your husband is home to watch the kids.

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Side hustles for the stay at home mom| Here are 18 work from home jobs for moms.

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