how to set up a blog with wordpress
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How to Set Up a Blog with WordPress

I am very tech challenged! You’re probably like then why are you trying to teach me this, Cynna? Well because I’ve learned a lot on my journey of blogging and my tech-savvy husband is great at teaching me.

I’ve spent hours learning how to make my blog do exactly what I want and put even more hours of trial and error into to learning how to do it.

Today we’re going to start with the very beginning. Here’s how to set up a blog with WordPress. vs

When I was a new blogger I had no clue that couldn’t be monetized. I love blogging, but I also would love to make some money for my family. That’s where comes in, I can monetize and customize my blog with it. is free and you can keep a hobby blog at no expense. cost a monthly or annual fee. You also need to purchase a domain name. You can purchase one for 2.75 a month right now with Blue Host (3/29/18) and if I remember correctly you get for free when you purchase a domain through them.

Siteground, HostGator and GoDaddy are other hosting providers I’ve heard off. Research which is best for your needs.

Go through all the steps that your host provider recommends and then we start the next step.

Choose a theme

You’ll have a dashboard on your left side of the screen. You go to appearance and choose the theme option. You can search through a free version or Divi by Elegant themes is very popular among the blogging community.

Static page

Which is just a fancy word for your front page. You simply update it to look how you’d like.  You choose page builder in your bar at the top and create a front page you like. I constantly change my front page and I learn from other bloggers.

My place to get ideas from Living well spending less (she has the ultimate blogging course open once a year),  The busy budgeter and mommy on purpose I purchased her E-book about manually pinning on Pinterest to gain traffic to your page. I highly recommend it. My traffic is crazy from using her strategies!

I personally have a slideshow of blog posts and tell people what they’ll learn from reading my blog.

Your about me page

Your about me page is essential. You need people to relate to you and know you will answer their questions. To go to the pages  I recommend go to the page in the top bar of your blog. You will go to page builder and edit them there.

Check out my about me page to get some ideas for a mom/lifestyle related blogs. Check out your favorite blogs about me page or someone in your niche to figure out an idea of what you should write about.

Work with me page

I didn’t have this page for a long time. I didn’t know what to say, but after I got more serious with blogging I stalked others work with me page. You a can put a media kit (just use for this) and put your contact info on this page. Check out my work with me page or other bloggers to get an idea.

Your first blog post

Go to your dashboard again and then go to posts. You will go to “add new” in the drop-down menu and there you go. I’ll tell you later how to make the perfect SEO post.

Once you write the post add your featured image and the post it.


Here are the basics of how to start a blog through, It’s super simple and easy. If you have any additional questions let me know in the comments. I’ll to answer each and everyone.

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