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13 Free Self Care Tips as a Stay at Home Mom

Self-care tips as a stay at home mom

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When I first became a stay at home mom I didn’t feel like I deserved to have me time, which is totally insane! I work hard, I cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shop, take care of my little one and much more. I work my booty off and I deserve to have a break sometimes.

I’ve found some cost-efficient ways to relax and then sometimes spoil my self with something a little more pricey. Here are a few almost free things I do to relax.

 free self-care activities (well free if you have the stuff already) 

  1. read a book
  2. take a bubble bath with candles (bring that book with you)
  3. paint your nails and toenails
  4. cook a dinner you enjoy no matter if the others like it or not
  5. put on a face and hair mask
  6. enjoy a hot cup of coffee
  7. let your husband take the kids for the day
  8. Garden
  9. enjoy a dessert and don’t share with your kiddos
  10. enjoy a glass of wine
  11. watch your favorite TV show
  12. drop the kiddos off with the grandparents
  13. ask your husband for a message

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More expensive activities

  1. Receive a message. I get them a discounted price of Groupon.
  2. get a mani-pedi, another thing you can get at a discounted price on Groupon.
  3. get your haircut
  4. take yourself out to a nice meal
  5. get a new outfit, I love doing this at Macy’s their clothes are just so comfy.
  6. take a vacation with your family
  7. have a date night with your husband
  8. go out to lunch with your friend and enjoy a drink.

As a mother, you work all day, every day! you deserve a break every once in awhile without feeling guilty. You don’t have to spend a ton of money and time to feel pampered. Try to do one self-care act a week or try to do a little one every day. It will make you do better as a mother and wife if you’re not always burned out. so kick back and enjoy that glass of wine.


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