ways to save money on clothes

3 Way’s to Save Money on Clothes

3 way’s to save money on clothes

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Children like weeds! I swear one of my children always needs new clothes because they’ve grown out of their current size. The toddler is also known for staining and getting holes in her clothes.I’ve been pregnant twice in the last 4 years, so maternity clothes have been an expensive need as well.

It starts to get really expensive to cloth your family! I racked my brain on how to get nice clothes for my family and keep within a reasonable budget. Here are three ways to save money on clothes.

Thrift shop

I loved thrift shopping as a kid! My grandma would always let us buy a toy or new outfit when we would visit.

Not all thrift shops are alike. Some just have pure junk and others are as expensive as new clothes. Make sure to check out different ones to find the best one in your town.

I hit the jackpot when I stumbled onto one I had passed every day. I can get my kid’s seasonal wardrobe for 20 dollars a kiddo. I also can get my husband’s work pants for 4 dollars a pair! My mother in law bought the majority of my maternity clothes from Ross this go around and I loved every outfit!

It may take more time to search for good quality clothes but really saves your wallet.

Clearance and Deals

I love shopping the clearance rack or waiting for deals from my favorite stores!

Last year at Crazy 8 they had a deal where if you bought one item full price the other item was .89 cents.  I love crazy 8 for cute clothes for my toddler, so I got several outfits at a great deal!

There tend to be great deals around holidays and when seasons change. You can also stock up on last seasons clothes for next year once they go on sale!

Make it yourself or Mend old clothing

Sewing is the best homemaking skill I’ve ever learned! I make my children’s clothes, nursery bedding, and home decor. I also mend our clothes constantly.

My toddler tore a hole in her brand new Pajamas. I just sewed a cute patch over it and good as new! I’m always mending my husband’s clothes pajamas as well as work pants.

I recommend this sewing machine.It’s inexpensive and great for beginners.



Buying clothes doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you do it right. Just look for the best deals and your family will be ready for the seasons to come! Do you have tips for saving money on clothes?


  1. Thrift shop finds are a great way to find amazing clothes and I love that it avoids perfectly good items from going to waste.

  2. I’m always looking for new and cool ways to save money on clothes, but still have great style. Thanks so much for sharing these – awesome suggestions!

  3. I love making clothes! Sometimes it is easier to just purchase them, but gah it is fulfilling to make and wear something!

  4. YES! I love finding an awesome find at a thrift store. For kids I love to shop consignment sales in my local area.

  5. Allyson

    I am a bargain HUNTER so I’m so thankful for these tips and recommendations to keep the cost of clothing down! Awesome article!

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