3 tips for saving money on clothes- Clothes can be expensive but are necessary. Here are some tips to get them for way less. Thentherewasfour.com
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Saving Money on Clothes: 3 Tips

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Saving money on clothes

Right now with River growing like crazy, my belly expanding at a rapid rate and getting clothes ready for Finn. I am constantly buying clothes it feels like. I use to love clothes shopping when I was a teen, that’s where literally my who pay checks would go, now I cringe at the thought of having to buy more clothes. Saving money on clothes is much easier with these tips I’ve learned.

Thrift shop

I had bought a few clothes for me and River at the thrift shop before, but never found anything amazing. Just this last week though I found a huge local thrift shop with amazing clothes and deals! I got River 16 clothing items for about 33 dollars, me a sun dress and high heels for 12 dollars, and Cody a pair of pants for 4 dollars. All in all I spent about 50 dollars after tax. 50 dollars at the mall would get river maybe 3 outfits in total. Now her summer wardrobe is complete and she should be good until either her next growth spurt or Fall. I need to still build up my maturity  wardrobe and build up Finn’s clothing stash, but those both can wait a while.


Clearance and Deals

Sometimes you really just want some new clothes of your own and that’s okay. I like to shop for River clothes when my favorite stores are having sales. A few months back Crazy 8 had an amazing sale. You bought one item full price and the second for .89 cents. Now it’s not as frugal as a thrift shop, but I got some super cute modern clothes for her at a great price. I tend to buy my clothes on the clearance rack at Forever 21, because it’s my favorite store and I hate paying full price.

Make it yourself or Mend old clothing

I learned to sew right before I had River and fell in love with making her clothes. I also found if I got the fabric on sale it cost me less to make her clothes then going and buying some. Cody tends to get holes in his clothes so I mend them constantly. Sewing is a hobby that has really benefited me to learn.

Buying clothes doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you do it right. Just look for the best deals and you’re family will be ready for the seasons to come.


  1. Thrift shop finds are a great way to find amazing clothes and I love that it avoids perfectly good items from going to waste.

  2. I’m always looking for new and cool ways to save money on clothes, but still have great style. Thanks so much for sharing these – awesome suggestions!

  3. I love making clothes! Sometimes it is easier to just purchase them, but gah it is fulfilling to make and wear something!

  4. YES! I love finding an awesome find at a thrift store. For kids I love to shop consignment sales in my local area.

  5. Allyson

    I am a bargain HUNTER so I’m so thankful for these tips and recommendations to keep the cost of clothing down! Awesome article!

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