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6 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

6 weird pregnancy symptoms

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Carrying a baby is one of the most amazing things your body can do! You made another human being, I mean come on that’s extraordinary!

Your belly will round out into a beautiful bump, your skin will have a  glow, and you’ll feel little kicks inside your belly. Though things like morning sickness, heartburn and tiredness will take away some of the magic.

There are also some strange things your body can do that aren’t really talked about. Here are some weird pregnancy symptoms that can happen even before your missed period.

Heart palpitations

This one was a new one to me. I never had them with River, but the newest baby Gordon has mommy’s heart racing. Your body’s blood increases by 50 percent making your heart work harder.

You can just be sitting and have your heart race all of a sudden. Most the time it’s completely normal, but do let your doctor know if it’s happening. My doctor did an EKG just to make sure everything was okay. They started early on for me but have lessened now in my second trimester.

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I’m talking both ends and a ton of it! I remember early first trimester I ate some broccoli and burped all day long. It was almost to the point of discomfort. Then the unpleasant farting, I was laughing with my sister in a restaurant and had one just creep its way out. Talk about embarrassing, but thankfully the music was loud. There are medications to help though.

Your system slows down when pregnant, so it’s easier for gas to build up. On top of that constipation is another pregnancy problem your likely to encounter.


Being exhausted

I had been trying to conceive for 6 months before becoming pregnant.  The month I finally did conceive I had given up hope and stopped looking for symptoms. That is until one night after putting River to bed I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. That wasn’t normal for me. I decided to go take my last test. Low and behold it was positive!


TMI diarrhea or constipation

I didn’t know it at the time but I was pregnant with my first when I started having diarrhea. I was like what is going on here? Diarrhea and constipation can start as soon as you become pregnant.



I had horrible headaches with my first. They also happened before I knew I was pregnant. It was actually the reason I tested to see if I was pregnant.

Morning sickness

It isn’t just in the morning. It can be any time of the day and all day! some women have it so bad they can’t eat and need I.V. nutrition and fluid. It doesn’t just stop after your first trimester, you can still have it steadily or randomly throughout your pregnancy.

things you can try that help are ginger teapeppermint candyvitamin B6 and prego pops. Keeping a small snack by your bed to eat first thing in the morning can help too, think crackers or a banana.

Heart palpitations, gas, being tired, diarrhea and constipation, headaches and morning sickness. There so many things your body does while pregnant. What symptoms are you experiencing? Let me know in the comments!

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