The perfect homemaker series: laundry. Keeping your house clean and neat is hard. I'm writing a series on exactly house to keep the perfect home. Today's lesson is on how to do wash, dry, and fold you laundry. As well as how to keep your laundry room clean. ||
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Perfect Homemaker Series: Laundry

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The Perfect Homemaker Series: Laundry

This is the first post to my “Perfect Homemaker Series” and today I’m going to teach you about everything you need to know about Laundry. This series was inspired by my mother-in-law. She is the perfect homemaker! Her house is perfectly kept, laundry is always washed, folded and put away. Every meal is homemade and healthy. All of her children are extremely loved, smart and happy. Even her grandchildren are treated like they were her own. Not only does she excel at being an amazing homemaker she also looks fabulous all the time.

I, on the other hand, have a constantly messy house, my laundry is never caught up and some nights we eat sandwiches for dinner. I decided it was time to learn how to be a good homemaker. I’ve researched each subject in-depth, so I know how to take care of every aspect of my house and family properly and easiest was possible.

The Washing
  • Tip one – Separate your clothes. you need to group your whites together, colors, jeans, baby clothes, delicates, and towels. If you would like to go even further into the sorting process you can separate them by fabric. Here’s a chart to show you how: Fabric chart
  • Tip two- Learn what the symbols on the clothes tags mean. You can find a bigger version of the chart here: Laundry symbols

  • Tip three- Choosing the laundry soap and dryer sheets or balls for you. I am huge on natural and DIY cleaning products. You can actually make your own laundry soap. Here’s a link to a recipe I love: DIY Laundry Detergent, and for the dryer, I use wool balls. You can make them yourself: DIY wool dryer balls or you can buy them. Also adding Viniger to your laundry while washing them helps to soften clothes. I sometimes just don’t have the time to make my own soap, so I buy Tides clean and clear laundry detergent because I can also use it on Finn’s clothes.
  • Tip four- stain remover. I use natural products for this step of laundry as well. Here’s another chart to show you what to use for certain stains: Stain remover chart

  • Tip five- Wash your towels in one cup of vinegar. This makes them nice and fluffy as well as removing the mildewy smell towels tend to get.
  • Tip six- how often you should wash everything. Tops, underwear, socks, wash clothes and exercise clothes are every day or every wear. Jeans, pajamas, towels, coats, and bras after every 3 wears or uses.  once a week you should wash your bedding and bath mats. Once a month wash your comforter and bathrobe.  Every 6 months wash your pillows.

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The Folding
  • Tip one- take your laundry out of the dryer as soon as its done. Then immediately fold it or hang it. This reduces how many wrinkles your clothes get. It also cuts down on the time you spend ironing. I just have an ironing board, an old iron and a spray bottle of water. It’s really simple.
  • Tip two- I iron all the clothes that need it. Especially Cody’s work clothes. It takes a little extra time, but I feel that it’s worth it.
  • Tip three- learn how to fold every item. I personally hang all of our shirts, dresses, and coats. Then fold our pants, pajamas, sheets, towels, and underwear. Here are some tutorials on how to fold all your clothes properly. Clothingbed sheets, and Towels.

The Closet
  • Tip one- Hang all of your hangers backward and when you hang them up after wearing them place them forward. After 6 months whatever is left hanging backwards needs to be donated. Also, once you hit that 6 month period go through your pants, skirts, and undergarments. Whatever has holes or no longer fits gets the boot.
  • Tip two- assign everything a place. I hang everything in groups. Tanks with tanks, short sleeves with short sleeves, dresses with dresses. You get the idea. All my jean go on a shelf, all my skirts on another, leggings and sweats on another. I have two bins, one for my socks and another for my bras and underwear.
  • Tip three- get a shoe rack. This helps me keep my shoes in their proper place and my closet floor organized.
  • Tip four- put your laundry basket in your closet. I love the wood baskets! They look so much nicer the plastic ones. I also bring the basket down to the laundry room every morning. I immediately put a load in, so I can keep on top of the never-ending pile.
Keeping the Laundry Room Clean
  • Tip one- clean your washer! Mine can get really stinky and that doesn’t give me faith that my clothes are getting clean. Fill your washer with hot water and vinegar, then let it sit with 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up let it run its cycle.
  • Tip two- make sure to empty the lint cleaner every time you run the dryer. One it gets your clothes dry faster and two it can be a fire hazard if left full.
  • Tip three- organize all of your laundry supplies. Put your detergent in a glass drink dispenser and your wool balls in a glass jar. Your stain remover can go in a pretty spray bottle. I have a cute wood basket to put my lint and trash in from the laundry room.
  • Tip four- decorate your laundry room. Not only does it look nice when people see it, but it will make you enjoy being in there more. This laundry room is seriously my goal for my own laundry room. Here’s how they did it themselves: Perfect laundry room.



Hopefully, this post will help you with all your laundry questions and needs. I can’t wait to add more posts to my “Perfect Homemaking Series,” and I hope you’re just as excited. Do you have any tips for doing laundry? If so leave a comment below!

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