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Perfect Homemaker Series: The Kitchen

The perfect homemaker series: the kitchen

This is the second post in my homemaking series. I was surprised how fast my laundry post gained traction! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying this series! Like I stated in my previous post thing series was inspired by my mother in law. She’s the ideal homemaker, and because of her, I’m working towards being a better homemaker. I’ve done all the research, so you homemakers don’t have to.

Today I’m going to teach you everything about taking care of your kitchen. The kitchen is a major part of my life as a mom and wife. I am constantly cooking with three meal a day and several snacks needing to be made. Keeping my kitchen in tip-top shape is a necessity for me. Also having the perfect tool helps me be a better homemaker.

The Cleaning Products

I am huge on making DIY cleaning products if you couldn’t tell from my Laundry post. I love to make my own cleaning products for the kitchen.

Fist I make an all-purpose cleaner. It’s just a cup of vinegar, two cups water, and ten drops of lemon essential oil. I love the lemon essential oil because it gives my kitchen that fresh clean smell.

Next is glass cleaner. I use one cup water, one cup rubbing alcohol and 1 tbsp vinegar. You can also add lemon essential oil to make it smell good. I put both the glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner in pretty spray bottles.

Oven cleaner is next on the list. I don’t make it beforehand but as I’m cleaning. I get about half a cup of baking soda, a tbsp of castile soap, and enough water to make a paste. You spread the paste all over your oven and let it dry for fifteen to thirty minutes. Once dry wipe your oven out until there is no more reside left.

Vinger is something I always have on hand for cleaning my kitchen. There are several ways to use it throughout the kitchen.

The Basic Cleaning

Let’s start with the dishes. I absolutely hate doing dishes, but staying on top of them really helps! Having a system is the best thing you can do. In the morning, I unload the clean dishes and put them away. Throughout the day I rinse the dishes off and put them in the dishwasher. Some days I have to run it multiple times a day. If that doesn’t happen I will start in after dinner, so I have clean dishes in the morning. Rinsing the dishes immediately will make it so much easier for your dishwasher to get your dishes spotless.

cleaning the countertops and appliance are a daily thing as well. I use my all-purpose cleaner on the counters and appliances. just do a quick surface clean and a deeper clean once a week. The kitchen sink also get’s a good cleaning every day and a cut up lemon put in the garbage disposal to make it smell fresh.

I sweep the kitchen floor daily as well as shake out my kitchen rug. Mopping happens as needed (which is pretty often) and just use an old fashion rag mop and hot water with a small amount of castile soap.

Once a week I clean out the fridge. I get rid of produce that’s going bad and anything past its expiration date. I also make sure the oldest food is easiest to grab, so it get’s used up before going bad.

Every day I replace my dish rag and towel for clean ones and put the dirty ones in the wash. They get a funk smell super fast, so this just helps me avoid that and isn’t much effort on my part.

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The Deep Cleaning

Let’s talk about deep cleaning the oven first. I seriously all ways end up hurting my self doing this somehow. It’s fairly simple though, I just put my DIY cleaning paste all over the oven and clean it off once dried.

For the microwave, I add a small bowl of vinegar and microwave it until it’s boiling. Then I just simply wipe it down. My microwave is stainless steel on the outside, so I take a rag, put some vinegar on it and wipe the front down. Then I take a paper towel and dry it off. This way there is no steeks. I use this same method for my fridge and dishwasher that are stainless steel.

I deep clean my fridge once a month. Like I stated above, I clear out the old stuff once a week, but I wipe the whole thing down once a month. This is the time I also go through my freezer and clear anything out that is old or won’t be used. I defrost and deep clean our freezer once a year.

Once a month I go through our pantry to straighten everything up and organize. I also throw away anything that’s expired. I have a bunch of cute little bins to keep like things grouped together. Like River’s snacks go in a bin, the spice all go in a bin, etc.

Probably every two months I clean out the cupboards and cabinets. I straighten everything up, remove anything that’s broken or no longer used and wipe down the inside.

The appliances and cookware

I’m not fancy when it comes to my appliances and cookware, but there are a few things that you absolutely need.

For cooking

  • sauteeing pans
  • pots
  • slow cooker
  • spatulas
  • cooking spoons
  • whisk
  • baking sheets
  • cheese grater
  • cutting boards
  • knives
  • measuring cups


  • toaster
  • coffee pot
  • food processor
  • blender
  • egg beaters


  • plates
  • bowls
  • cups
  • silverware
  • steak knives
  • coffee cups

That completes how I keep the perfect kitchen (as close to perfect as I can get). The kitchen is where I spend most of my day, so I want it to be a place that I actually like being. Hopefully, you learn so awesome tips and if you have any to share post them in the comments!

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