minimalist hospital bag for everyone

Minimalist Hospital Bag for Everyone

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Minimalist hospital bag for everyone

I loved packing my hospital bag. It meant my baby would be here soon. You really don’t need all the much either! The hospital provides granny panties and huge pads, so no need to worry about those. Ask for extra blankets and pillows if needed and hospital food really isn’t all that bad.

Not only did I have my bag to worry about but my husbands and newborns bag being packed. After having two babies I think I’m pretty good at packing a minimalist hospital bag for everyone.

My bag


Travel kit

To make it easier you can just buy a Travel Kit. It has a shampoo. conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shaving cream, razor,   mirror, and much more. It has basically every hygiene item you need. Make sure to add lotion, lip balm, face wash, breast pads and nipple cream.

comfy clothes 

You’re not going to want to think about wearing jeans afterward for a while.  Don’t forget your nursing bra if you plan to nurse.

Flip flops and slippers

The flip flops are for the hospital shower. The slippers are for walking anywhere else.

electronics and entertainment

 You can only stare at your baby so long. Remember to grab your phone charger, camera and maybe a book.

Dad’s bag


Comfy clothes 

he’s not going to want to sit in work clothes all day. Pack what he would normally wear for lounge clothes.


Like with your entertainment needs, remember a charger and some other form of entertainment. My husband brought his laptop because he’s techy.

Travel kit

You can get a travel kit for men as well.

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baby’s bag (and other things)

Most of the things you need are provided by the hospital. Such as diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets, and hats.



3-4 outfits should do. Babies spit up or poop through diapers all the time, so being over prepared is best.  Remember mittens for your little one’s hands.

Boppy pillow

If you’re breastfeeding the pillow is so helpful. I mean you can totally use a regular pillow, but I feel like the Boppy pillow is worth it.


car seat is necessary to leave the hospital. A car seat tech will help you make sure everything is set up correctly.

 Burp Cloths

Like I stated above, babies spit up a lot. Burp clothes are a necessity.


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