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Minimalist Christmas Gifts for a Toddler: 5 Ideas

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Minimalist Christmas gift ideas for a toddler

This year I’ve really started to learn about minimalism and how it benefits our family. We all tended to have a hard time letting go of unnecessary items. There are even a few items I still can’t get Cody to part with, but he’s done great otherwise. This year instead of bringing a whole bunch of junk back into the house. I decided to get a few gifts that are special.

River tends to play with her tablet more then she does toys or only has a few toys she plays with. This year I researched everything I got her to make sure it was either good quality or an experience gift we’d keep using. Here’s a list of what I came up with.

Melissa and Doug toys

I love this brand of toys! Their toys make it so children have to use their imaginations. The toys can also be used in many ways and are educational. I got River the building blocks and shape sorter from this brand.

Winter clothes and gear

Kids grow rapidly and usually need new clothes for every season. I bought River a snow suit and coat set, snow boots, gloves and made a hat. Winters are harsh here, so now we’re prepared.

Experience gift

Instead of bringing a bunch of toys that will only be played with a short time you can get something that last all year. I got a year long member to a play center here that River loves. Now she can go interact with other children and play with all the toys there.

Arts and crafts

We do arts and craft daily at our house. I decided it was time to get River some new crayons, a coloring book and play dough. Again another way for her to use her imagination.


We try to read a bed time story every night and we’ve rotated every book several times. I believe a child can never have to many books.

That is my list of minimalist gift ideas for a toddler. We’re still learning how to incorporate minimalism into our lives, so not everyone will agree with this list. Let me know what ideas you would have for a toddler.

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