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Minimalist Baby Checklist For Expecting Moms

With my daughter I was so overwhelmed with all the baby things I thought I needed. Our small one bedroom apartment was filled to the brink with all the things I thought we needed. In reality we used only a few items when my daughter arrived. This time around I knew exacly what I needed for Mr. Finn and it make the whole process if getting ready simple. I also don’t have to worry about tripping over all the random baby stuff. Here’s my minimalist baby checklist.

Minimalist Baby Checklist

Sleeping needs

  • mini crib, I pushed it up against my bed with out the rail so I could cosleep with Finn safely
  • swaddle or sleep sack
  • sheets for the crib
  • a diaper changing station on my nightstand. This way I don’t have to leave the bed at all!

Feeding needs

I plan to breast feed Finn so my list isn’t very long for feeding supplies. For formula fed though you really just need a few bottles you keep clean and formula. I never even used the bottle warmer I had for River.

  • boppy pillow
  • pump
  • bottles
  • burp cloths

Diaper changing needs and hygiene 

  • diapers (of course)
  • wipes
  • A changing pad came in handy for me but really you can change a baby anywhere
  • a place to put dirty diapers
  • diaper cream
  • I don’t use a baby bath I just wash the babies with me
  • I use natural shampoo and conditioner, so I don’t buy baby shampoos
  •  a couple baby towels and wash clothes, but really you can use what you already have
  • a baby grooming kit comes in handy

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big Items 

I had all most of these items already from when River was a baby. I used every single item for River, but may down size if Finn doesn’t like a certain item. Having a rocking chair to breast feed in during the day was always my happy place with River.

  • swing
  • bouncer
  • pack n play if to take to grandparents house
  • crib
  • changing table
  • dresser
  • rocking chair
  • carseat
  • baby carrier

Clothing and blankets

I have wayyy to many of every item because my sister gave me my nephews old stuff, but really you only need a few of each item. River had so many clothes she never even wore because she had to many.

  • onsies
  • a couple outfits
  • footie pjs
  • coat
  • hats, mittens, and socks
  • swaddles
  • sleep sacks
  • blankets

You can probably go with even less stuff or may find you need certain items I didn’t list. Minimilisim is about making you life easier and simple, so do what is best for you and your new little human!


  1. As a mom of two, this is a really helpful list for a first time mom! XO ~Anna

  2. I need a lesson in minimalism – LOL! I received way too many baby items when my lil guy was born. He’s 8 months and there are still outfits hanging in the closet with the tags still on! Next baby will be different 🙂

  3. Shannon

    Great post. I will definitely be passing this on to my friends with children.

  4. Excellent compilation! Being a Mom is hard enough and there’s no need to complicate life further with more things (sometimes that even means fewer things to wash too!?) Loved this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great list! I love how it doesn’t include too many extras. We used a bottle warmer that you could plug into the car, but we spent A LOT of time traveling/hiking – so it came in handy. I know not everyone needs something like that!

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