Burp Cloth Tutorial- A picture tutorial on how to make a burp cloth. Thentherewasfour.com

Burp Cloth Full Tutorial With Pictures

I learned to sew when I became pregnant with River. I made her crib bedding, burp cloth, swaddles, clothes and many other things. It felt so good to have my nursery exactly the way I wanted it. It was also cheaper to do everything myself! I’m going to do a series of tutorials for new baby Gordon’s nursery items and clothes. I decided to go with a harry potter theme, almost all of the printed fabrics come from spoonflower.com. Some other good places to get fabric is Fabric.com and Joanns.com.

If you’re a brand new seamstress the very first thing you will do is wash your fabric. Fabric will shrink when washed and you don’t want that to happen after you’ve sewed your item.  Then Iron out the fabric, unless it’s minky then leave it as is.

Then use a pattern to cut out the shape you desire for your burp cloth. I used an old burp cloth as a template, but here is a link to a similar Pattern one http://jonag.typepad.com/stop_staring_and_start_se/2008/01/january-showers.html you need to cut out the one patterned fabric piece and then one flannel piece.You can use terry cloth as well for the backing.

Next place the right sides together, so the wrong side is facing you.

Then you need to pin the two pieces together

Then sew all it together and leave about 2 inches unsewn. Remember to back stitch when beginning and ending.

Then flip it right side out.

Then top stitch it around the whole burp cloth and then you are done!

Making a burp cloth was one of my first sewing projects, so they’re super easy and so worth it! I recommend having about 10 burp clothes for your new little one.

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