surviving the third trimester with a toddler- The last trimester was the hardest for me with a toddler. Pregnancy with a toddler is possible though. Here's how to survive the third trimester. #thirdtrimester #toddler #pregnant

How to survive the third trimester with a toddler

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surviving the third trimester

Hey guys! At the beginning of my pregnancy I made a post about how to survive the first trimester with a toddler. While morning sickness really did make it hard with a toddler, the third trimester was my hardest. I was soooo tired all the time and felt sick (fatigue from standing to long, horrible heart burn to the point of puking, and many other issues) that it was hard to take care of my toddler. Poor River was such a great kiddo that I probably don’t even know what it’s like to have a normal kid in my last trimester, but even then it was hard. Here are something I did to keep my household running and my toddler happy.


Now I said this in my post about sleeping when your toddler sleeps. That’s still true in this trimester, you’re body is making a baby and has been for several months! I know it can be really hard (my toddler refuses to nap anymore) but even if you put on a movie on or put your toddler in there room while you nap it’s okay. While River is great and will sit and watch a movie while I nap some kids wont. You can ask for help be it your mom, mother in law, a friend, or your husband to watch the toddler while you get some much needed sleep. Most people understand that you are extremely pregnant and need some rest.

Use distractions for your toddler

Now I was a mom who didn’t agree with screen time. I wanted her to always be doing an educational activity, playing with her toys, doing arts and crafts or be outside enjoying the summer. Some day’s that just wasn’t possible for me to keep up with. Now I did try my best because getting up and moving around would sometimes make me feel better, but sometimes it made me feel worse. Cody bought River a tablet for her 2nd birthday and I tried to hardly give it to her, but soon I realized what a help it was. I could actually get some household work done or much needed rest. She was also learning new things very rapidly from the educational games on the tablet. I also let her watch T.V. more often then normal and it had the same effect.

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Ask for help

Again this is true for the first trimester and the last. I don’t like to ask for help, because for some crazy reason I think I can be super mom. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a cape and be the best mom ever? That’s really hard to do when you’re working on making another human. I really depended on my husband in the last trimester, he would bring home groceries, Mexican food because that was my biggest craving, and would take River whenever I wasn’t feeling well. He never made me feel bad about not keeping up with the house work or him having to take care of River when I couldn’t.

My sister was probably the biggest help this pregnancy and that was with her being in her first trimester while I was in my third trimester. She helped me set up all of the nursery furniture and set up River’s big girl room. She helped with all the daily such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of River. Also she kept me company since I am a stay at home mom and don’t get out much. She came up with different place we could take River or thing we could do. I couldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without her.


Let go of perfection

Like I said before, I wanted to be super mom during my pregnancy. Every morning I would wake up and think about how I was going to get everything clean, healthy yummy meals 3 times a day and anything extra. That just didn’t happen, I only got half way through cleaning before I run out of energy, I resorted to easy (usually not healthy) meals and never got the extras done. After about a month I realized it just wasn’t going to happen and being hard on myself didn’t help. I became much happier when I let go of wanting to be perfect.

Have a routine

We thrive on having a daily routine! It makes River more comfortable and happy if she knows what’s to come and not just be dragged around all day. Now not every moment of our day is planned out so it can change if needed, but enough to keep everyone happy. Here’s a look at our before little man came.

Mornings we wake up, get breakfast. I clean up the kitchen after we’re done eating a then get River busy with an activity. While she’s busy I get my morning chores done and then we try to do an outside activity. After playing outside we come inside so I could make lunch. We eat lunch and then I put River down for her daily nap. While River is napping I do one of three thing, I work on my blog, clean anything that needs it or work on a project. Projects usually involve getting Finn’s nursery ready. Once she woke we would have a snack and do another activity together. Our afternoon just goes between activities together and letting River have free play. This gives me a break when needed.

Once it’s dinner time I start cooking and let her play on her tablet. We eat dinner together as a family. Then I get her into the bath and ready for bed. I brush her teeth and put her pajamas on and the we read a book. Afterwards Cody and I get alone time and tell each other about our day.

I knew that being pregnant wasn’t going to last forever. I also knew that I it wouldn’t be just me and River for much longer. The last of my pregnancy I made sure to focus most of my attention on River. I hope this helps you with your third trimester.

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