Surviving the first trimester with a toddler - The first trimester is already very hard. It's even hard with a toddler to take care of is even harder.|||

How to Survive the First Trimester With a Toddler

How to survive the first trimester with a toddler

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This week I’m 10 weeks pregnant and let me tell you, the first trimester is so much harder with a toddler then I thought it would be.The lack of energy, nausea and just general icky feeling. Most days I can hardly get off the couch to take care of River.

I’m so lucky to have an awesome toddler who makes it easier to take care of her. That being said, she is still a toddler and a lot of work. At the bare minimum, I need to make sure she’s fed, hydrated, has her dirty diaper changed, well rested, bathed and loved.

The first trimester won’t be pleasant, but I’ve found some helpful things that make it a little less painful!

1. Nap when your toddler naps

I usually use Rivers nap time to get some cleaning done and activities that are hard to do with a 19-month-old running around. I finally caved and started taking naps when she did.

It helped so much since I had the energy to get more done. I also have Cody watch her sometimes on the weekend, so I could nap whenever I felt like it.Remember your body is growing another human and that takes a lot of energy!

I have mom guilt when it comes to napping, but it’s really necessary. Now as a working mom it’s harder to get in that nap, but when you come home from work try an hour long nap. If needed give your toddler to your husband or see if they can stay at daycare for an extra hour. You deserve some rest mama.

first trimester with a toddler

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2. Find a nausea remedy that works for you 

I didn’t take anything for River until I was constantly throwing up and couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to do the same this time but that isn’t realistic this time around.

This time I asked my doctor for nausea medication that I felt comfortable with. Now that’s not for everyone, so try finding what works best for you.

A cool tip and ER nurse shared with me is to smell rubbing alcohol, it really helps. Other things you can try are ginger tea, peppermint candy, vitamin B6 and prego pops. Keeping a small snack by your bed to eat first thing in the morning can help too, think crackers or a banana.

first trimester

3. Make everything simpler in the first trimester 

I’ve simplified our daily schedule and meals. We only go to outings if I feel up to it and only do activities that I can do comfortably. When I’m feeling really bad I’ll have Cody cook dinner and let the house be a little messier than normal. Luckily I have a very supportive understanding husband who is helpful when I need the slack picked up.

I prep snack and lunches when I feel well, so it’s easy just to grab and hand them to River. I put on T.V. shows that are educational on for River. I’m not a fan of screen time, but it gives me a break when I really need it.

first trimester

4. ask for help

You are building another human, it’s okay to ask for help. I’m a little bit of a control freak, I feel that I am the only one who can take care of River and the housework. I’ve learned that I need to trust my husband to help with some of the work.

My sister and sister-in-law will stay over at our house and help me do some cleaning or take care of River. I always feel bad when people help me with my job, but it really does help. Enlist anyone who you can depend on to do thing how you need them done. You’re not a bad mom because you can’t do everything. I think your superwoman just by growing a sweet baby inside you!

Remember the first trimester will end!

You will hopefully get your energy back and feel like a human again. Until then take it easy and ask for some help!  Try to get plenty of rest! Try to simplify your life as much as possible. Nausea can be eased, so do what works best for you.

Also, remember to spend as much time with your toddler as possible. Life changes after your new little one arrives. It’s so worth it though!

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