how to keep a clean house with a toddler - keeping a clean house with a toddler is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help.
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How to keep a clean house with a toddler

Keeping a clean house with a toddler

I hate to clean! it’s seriously the most tedious task ever and it’s so hard to keep on top of with a toddler. If your toddler is like mine the messes never end! I have random things scattered across the house, food crumbs all over the floor, and spilled milk on tables. They’re lucky they’re so darn cute! I was getting so tired of my house looking like a disaster I knew something had to change. Finally put my foot down and decided it needed to change. I came up with a couple ways to keep my house looks halfway decent and my sanity intact. Here’s how I keep a clean house (or halfway clean) with a toddler.

1.  Do the basics everyday

Let me tell you if I don’t keep up with the daily stuff my house becomes a wreck! River drags out every toy she owns, cooking 3 meals a day piles dishes up fast and I have a newborn spitting up on everything I own. In the morning when I wake up the first thing I do is make everyone’s beds. Then I grab any dirty laundry and garbage in each room. While making breakfast I try and throw the dishes in the dishwasher. Once breakfast is done I put all the dishes and things I got out away and throw a load of laundry in. This was if I need to put in more then one load of dishes or laundry I have time to do it through out the day. During the day I pick up things that are out of place or do spot clean up.

At night I take out the trash, sweep the kitchen floor and wipe down the counters. I try to remember the night time dishes, but I don’t always get to them. Laundry gets put away in everyone’s rooms and the baskets get put back in the rooms to fill with dirty clothes. Then I try to remember to scrub down my bathroom counters while getting ready for bed. Doing all of this helps me keep my house in pretty decent shape on a daily bases.

2. Have weekly tasks 

Somethings don’t need done every day, so I assign a day to deep clean one room. This helps make sure I hit every room regularly and I know when something has been cleaned last. Mondays are for the bed rooms. I change everyone’s bed linens and vacuum the floor. I also water the plants in the rooms and wipe down any surfaces that need it. Tuesdays are for the bathrooms. I empty the trashes, sweep and mop, clean the tubs, scrub the toilet, wipe down the counters, and clean the mirrors.

Wednesday is my kitchen cleaning day. I moved every thing on the counters and wipe them down. I then wipe down every item that is on said counters. The fridge gets cleared out since Thursday is usually shopping day. Then I sweep and mop the floors. Thursday is for the living room. I vacuum the floor, wipe down the couches thanks to sticky fingers, I wipe down the coffee tables and clean the rabbit cages since they’re in the living room.Friday is my day to catch up on anything I didn’t get to and to really focus on laundry. Saturday and Sunday I give my self a break or catch up on things that really need done.

3. Assign chores to everyone

While my husband is a great provider he has no clue how to clean. I have to either tell him exactly what I need cleaned or create a list with a time it needs done by and exactly how I want it done. I’m totally okay with doing that since it takes pressure off of me.

River is getting old enough that she can help me do some small tasks around the house. She helps me unload the dish washer by putting the silverware in the drawer. She hands me clothes to go in the washer and helps carry the clean clothes to the couch. Now she doesn’t really have folding down, but she’s trying. If I give her a wash cloth she will wipe things down for me or clean up a mess she’s made. Taking things to the trash is another thing she’s a great help with. Find ways to take make sure everyone is doing their share even if it’s small tasks, It really helps ease your load.

4. 10 to 15 minute clean ups several times a day

This is important for me to stay on top of things. River just pulls everything out that I put away. Instead of spending hours clean up everything I take about ten to fifteen minutes every couple of hours and put things away. I also try to do that with each room through out the day. This was clutter and garbage gets put in the proper area. also that ten to fifteen minutes can really get me motivated to keep cleaning when I just don’t feel like it in the beginning. If you still don’t feel like cleaning after the time is up then at least you got some stuff organized.

4. Remember you don’t have to have a perfectly clean house

I have this vision in my head of a spotless house that has all the dishes done. Laundry wash, dried, folded and put away. No toys cluttered around the house and the house smells like roses. That’s just not reality with a toddler. It’s okay that your house isn’t in perfect order, you’re a busy mom! Most people understand that toddlers are destructive and just a lot of work in general. If they do say something harsh about your house, that says more about them then you. Enjoy motherhood , the toddler stage is short lived and they’re not going to remember how spotless the house was. They’re going to remember how loving and happy mom was.

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  1. This was great ☺️ Thanks for sharing

  2. Love these tips, need to keep up with cleaning out the fridge and assigning chores to everyone. I tend to think I can do it all but ends up being overwhelming at the end.

  3. Sounds like my life at the moment now too! Good tips!

  4. Great tips. So difficult to keep the house visitor ready with kids!

  5. I am struggling on how to balance everything for a new mom like. Such great tips there. I really find this very helpful.

  6. melissa

    Yes weekly task most def does work. I never try to clean the whole house in one day. Great tips. Thanks

  7. Great tips. This will come in handy.

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