new mom gift basket
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New mom gift basket

New mom gift basket ideas

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The first couple of weeks as a new mom is so exhausting! As a new mom you don’t sleep more than two hours at a time, cooking with a newborn in arms is near impossible and don’t even get me started on how hard it is to find time to shower.

You may be a friend or family of a new mom who wants to get her a special gift. You could also be the new mom herself looking for some postpartum things to get stocked up on. Either way, I’ve created a list of must-have items for the new mom!

Mom’s needs


It’s hard to find time to make a proper meal when you’re getting into the grove of parenting. A new mom will also be constantly hungry if she is breastfeeding. Did you know a breastfeeding mom burns 500 calories a day just from breastfeeding? So buying the new mom her favorite snacks to munch on will be a lifesaver.


Giving birth is hard work! Every new mom needs a little pampering. Here’s some nice gift’s to add to her gift basket.

Freezer meals or a freshly cooked meal

It’s always nice not to have to make your dinner. It’s even nicer when you are a new mom with a newborn who always wants to be held!

Make the new mommy some freezer meals or bring a freshly made meal. Heck, even ordering a pizza for the new parents would be great!

For the breastfeeding mom

There are a couple gifts a breastfeeding mom would love.


Feeding and holding your baby involves a lot of sitting. You also don’t feel like getting up and doing much after giving birth. Why not give the new mom some entertainment.


A new mom gift basket doesn’t have to be expensive to show you care. Pick and choose the items above that fit your new mom’s personality. Do you have any idea of what you would add to the basket? Let us know in the comments!

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