Being a frugal minimalist- being frugal and being a minimalist go hand in hand.

Frugal Minimalist: how they go hand in hand

As I learn about the frugal world, I also learn about needing less. Minimalism has always intrigued me, but I never made the leap. I decided that this month I was going to work on becoming more minimal. I’m a bit of a hoarder, I feel that everything had a use. I seriously have items from when we moved into our first apartment! I even have clothes from when I was in high school. All of these things had to go. I’ve become a frugal minimalist.

I have been going room to room getting rid of any item that no longer had a purpose in our lives. I’ll tell you, at first it was really hard. Once I got into it, I was a tornado going through the house. My goal was if it no longer worked, haven’t been used in a year or I just didn’t love it, it had to go. The frugal part of me wanted to keep everything and re-purpose it, but I realized I have so many projects already. I would never get to it all and it would sit in my house taking up space.

Get rid of 

  • old junk mail
  • old clothes/never worn clothes- if I didn’t love the clothing item, out it went. Same with Rivers clothing or if it was too small.
  • unused kitchen appliances- Cody is always buying the newest trending thing. I got rid of a juicer, a small grill, some fancy cutting tools and one of two food processors
  • toys- River has so many toys that she never touches. Almost all her toys are handy me downs or bought by family. I had 4 boxes downstairs, 4 upstairs and a bunch of big items. I kept what she loved and out the rest goes.
  •  junk boxes and drawers- I kept what I knew we needed but everything else had to go.The likely hood of anything being used again after going in the junk drawers or boxes was very low.
  • rugs- I love rugs, but with a toddler, I was always carpet cleaning. Finally, I said enough is enough.
  • old makeup and hair stuff- pretty self-explanatory.
  • random garage items- We had things like old nursing boxes, lamps, unused tools. You name it!

The Benefits

  • less stress- I feel like I can move around my house more freely.
  • Less clean up- on top of less stress, I don’t have to clean as often.
  • Frugal- getting rid of all that stuff was hard for me. Now I only want to buy items I know we need and can use. While I buy items that are more expensive now, I make sure they’re high quality, so I don’t have to replace the item as often. My favorite place to shop is target.
  • Extra money- I plan on having a yard sale soon, anything left over I will donate.
  • Awareness- I’ve become more aware of what is in my home. I’ve made other changes to our eating, products and how we much we use things.

Being a frugal minimalist is really helping me become a happier person. I don’t feel the need to buy new, flashy, expensive things all the time. I don’t need to keep up with the mothers of Instagram and have my child in name brand clothes, playing with the newest toy. What I really need is to show my children how much I love them and enjoy the amazing life I’ve been given.

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