Being a frugal minimalist- being frugal and being a minimalist go hand in hand.
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Frugal Minimalist: how they go hand in hand

Frugal minimalist

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I stumbled into the world of minimalism last year when I was learning about being frugal. Being a frugal minimalist wasn’t something I thought would go together, but they really do!

When you live with less you don’t need to buy as much. When you are trying to save money you work on making do with what you have.

The idea of a frugal minimalist really isn’t that bizarre. I’m going to tell you exactly how being a frugal minimalist works.

How they go hand in hand

  • When you spend less you bring less into your home usually. Being frugal isn’t about being a cheapskate, it’s about buying only quality items that you need.
  • When you’re trying to save you make do with what you have. Meaningless items being added to your home. You tend to do things like fix items you already have or mend clothes.
  • When you become a minimalist you learn you don’t need things to make you happy. You don’t need a closet full of clothes or the latest gadget. You tend to buy high-quality items that last a long time. which saves you money in the long run.
  • When you become a minimalist you tend to purge your home. Getting rid of items you no longer want. Several people have yard sales and earn money on their old stuff.

How to be a minimalist

  • Throw away anything you don’t love or no longer serves a purpose. The old “if it doesn’t bring you joy, out it goes.”
  • Before buying something, ask your self if you really need this item or is it just a want.
  • Buy high-quality items that will last a long time. I like shopping at Gymboree for my children’s clothes, and Macy’s for mine and my husband’s clothes and home goods.
  • Remember you make minimalism fit you not the other way around.

How to be frugal

  • Make do with what you have. You don’t need the newest greatest thing, make do.
  • Learn skills such as sewing, gardening, cooking.
  • Eat at home and only go out once in a while. This includes packing lunches for work.
  • buy the generic brand is usually cheaper.
  • Find coupons on Groupon so you can do fun activities or get a haircut at a discounted price. Things that you would already do.
  • Buy food in bulk! You can even buy your meat in bulk at Zaycon.
  • Sell the old stuff you no longer use.

Saving money and living with less is totally worth it. I love being a frugal minimalist. It takes the strain off our family when we have less clutter and more money to spend on things we enjoy doing as a family. Are you a frugal minimalist? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Annette Collins

    I think of myself as a minimalist. I try to come up with fun things to do that are free. Always pack our own food and just simply don’t spend money. I also don’t go shopping unless its a need and not a want. You save a lot of money staying out of stores.

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