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My first Income report and traffic report

My first income report and traffic report

*January 2018*

*This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you).

Let me start off by saying this isn’t my first month of blogging, but my first income report. I’ve had my blog since April and only got serious in November. This is my first month making any profit though!

Many bloggers have made way more progress by this point. Though between chasing a newborn, toddler, three cats, two bunnies and taking care of a house I’m impressed with myself.

Why share?

Writing about blogging isn’t my niche, but income reports inspired me to start a blog. Now money isn’t my main goal in blogging.

It’s something I truly enjoy and it gives me a creative outlet. Though if I can benefit from all the time and effort I put into it why not?

I also wanted to share to show other mommy bloggers they can write about being a mom and still make an income. I wasn’t sure at first because it only seemed the bloggers writing about money were making the money. It’s just that you don’t see income reports on blogs that talk about parenting and kids. It’s just not part of the niche.

Though I did find one mom blogger, who makes great money and still writes about being a mom. You should check her out! Her site is Mommy on purpose. I’m obsessed with her blog! Next month I plan to purchase her E-book about Pinterest.



Google Adsense: $12.45

Flex offers: $0

share a sale: $0

Target: $o

Total: $12.45

Now $12.45 isn’t much at all, but I’m actually making money on my blog! I won’t receive this money until I hit the hundred dollar threshold, but I’m okay with that.


Mail chimp- $10 a month

I started collecting subscribers this month and am already at 11!

Tailwind– 119 per year which is about 9 dollars a month

I love tailwind for scheduling other peoples content and the tribe feature.

Boardbooster – $10 a month for 1,000 pins

I’m about to upgrade to $15 a month for 1,500 pins. I love using boardbooster for pinning my pins.

Total: $29

I haven’t taken any courses yet, but have read countless blog posts and engaged in Facebook groups to learn how to blog. It’s defiantly a slow process, but I just can’t afford to take courses yet. Buying Carly’s Pinterest E-book Pinterest strategies next month will be my first paid for blogging resource.

*update* I absolutley love Carly’s book! My traffic and Pinterest stats have skyrocketed. I highly recommend buying it! You can get it here.

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My traffic doubled this month! I had two pins go mini-viral, so that really helped!

The majority of my traffic is from Pinterest, but my organic search is slowly increasing.

I also use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All three are a learning experience. I’ve never really used Twitter and the other two were for personal use.

Goals for next month

Income goal: $100

Traffic goal: 10,000 page views

Instagram: 300 followers (current: 192)

Facebook: 30 followers (current: 22)

Twitter: 100 (current: 51)

I also want to switch my host provider. I’m currently using Godaddy which has served me well, but I’m going to switch to Blue Host as soon as my subscription expires.


thanks so much for reading my first income report! If you’d like to keep updated on future posts you can subscribe to my email list or follow me on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter


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  1. Thanks for the mention girl! I totally DO make money in the mom niche! Full disclosure, my mom niche – posts about pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, homemaking, and saving money – brings in at least $4000/month! You should TOTALLY be making an effort to monetize a mommy blog 🙂 Good for you!

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