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Fall bucket list with a toddler

Fall is my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing and the air smells lovely. I love to cozy up in a big blanket and read a book all day. Now that I have River I want her to remember the absolute joy of the fall season. I decided this year we’re going to enjoy every fall activity this mama can think of. Here is my fall bucket list to do with my toddler.

Fall Bucket List 

  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Make pumpkin and apple pie
  • Go pick apples from an apple orchard
  • make apple butter in the crock pot (it makes your house smell yummy)
  • go trick our treating and make our costumes
  • make coffee filter fall leaves
  • have pumpkin and chocolate chip pancakes
  • rake all the leaves together and jump in them
  • nature walk,I recommend getting a bag like the one I’ve linked to carry all the items collected on your walk.
  • visit a corn maze
  • hand print turkeys
  • bake the pumpkin seeds to eat
  • make caramel apples
  • Fall sensory bucket
  • drink hot chocolate
  • Diy pumpkin play dough
  • make s’mores
  • make popcorn balls
  • go for a hayride
  • visit a fall festival
  • have a picnic in the park
  • make butternut squash soup
  • cuddle on the couch and watch a fall movie
  • color a fall picture
  • bundle up and play in rain puddles
  • make a fort and eat some of the goodies we made
  • bake pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips

I don’t know if we will make it through the whole list, but I’m so excited to make River’s fall special. I want her to look back on her childhood and have happy memories of all the fun adventures we had. Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!



  1. This is sweet! Great list! I have try try these out with my little guys.

    1. Cynna

      I hope your little guys have fun!

  2. Brittany

    Great ideas! Love the turkey handprints!!

    1. Cynna

      Thank you! My little one defiantly likes the turkey hand prints as well!

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