DIY Hospital Gown- here's a free tutorial to make your own custom hospital gown,

Hospital gown, diy for expecting moms

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As I prepare for my second born, I also prepare for labor and delivery. I know, I know, why bother making a hospital gown when it’s only going to get dirty? Because I want to look pretty while pushing a watermelon out of me. I think that’s only fair, right? If you’re reading this then I assume you would like to do the same. So below I have posted a tutorial of the gown I made and the original blog I found the instructions on. The original tutorial –

Step 1 of the hospital gown

This hospital gown is basically a pillow case dress for adults with a slit up the back for easy access. For each side of the gown I used one yard and added a 3 inch trim. For width I made mine a little smaller then the original post says. I did 29 inches for width and 36 inches plus a 3 inch trim for length. Being a tiny girl (except for my belly) I needed a smaller size and I wanted the gown to be shorter for more free movement.

hospital gown


Step 2 of the hospital gown

Next  I cut the armholes out. The original post didn’t say anything about measurements, so I made my own. Using a t-shirt I measured the length and guess on how far in I would cut. I cut them 7 inches long and 5 inches wide and I cut in a J shape to give it the proper shape. I got lucky on the first try and they turned out just right. One thing I forgot to do what add binding to the armholes before making the pocket for the shoulder ties. Now I have a raw edge in there, but I will only wear it once most likely.

Step 3 of the hospital gown

Before adding the binding the the armholes sew the two main pieces of fabric together  on the sides (remember right sides facing each other then turn it out.) If you’re adding at trim to the bottom like I did make sure that’s attached before doing this step. Once you have them sewn together add you’re binding to the armholes. I made my own and guess on the length, because I seem to do that a lot! I then ironed and sewed the pocket for the shoulder ties. The pocket is about an inch wide.

hospital gown back

Step 4 of the hospital gown

For easy access there is a slit up the back of the hospital gown closed with 3 ties. I plan on going natural, but I may end up wanting an epidural. I guessed on how high up to go, I stopped a couple inches below the tie pocket. You can either iron the edges and sew them or add binding to the edges. I used three ties and found it to be plenty to keep my modesty. I did about 6 inches for all of the ties.


Step 5 of the hospital gown

I decided to add some contrasting ribbon for the shoulder ties and for a cute bow above my bump. I didn’t measure either tie, because I like to live dangerously! The shoulder ties are great for breastfeeding and skin to skin. You can untie one side at a time and not expose your self if you don’t want to.




  1. So much easier than I ever would’ve thought!!!

    1. Cynna

      I was so happy about that fact! I like simple sewing projects.

  2. super cute! and will look much better in pictures after your sweet bundle arrives!!

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