three way to unclog a clogged milk duct- having a clogged duct sucks! It's painful and make nursing unpleasant. Don't fear though, here are 3 tips to get that milk duct unclogged. ||

How to Deal with a Clogged Duct

How to deal with a clogged milk duct

Almost every breastfeeding mama will encounter the horribly painful clogged duct. What exactly is a clogged duct? It happens when your one or more of your milk ducts gets backed up. The tissue around the duct becomes inflamed making it hard for the milk to come through. You’ll usually be well aware of a clogged duct. there will be a hard lump in your breast that can be warm to the touch and red. It also can be pretty painful, especially when feeding on that side. You’ll want to resolve it as soon as possible. If let too long it can result in mastitis which you’ll need antibiotics for. Here are some home methods to try and unclog the milk duct.

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First, some causes
  • Wearing a bra that’s too tight and a bra with underwire. I made the underwire mistake and fought a clogged duct for a week!
  • oversupply.
  • weaning suddenly.
  • nipple bleb, They almost look like a white head on your nipple. Try lightly exfoliating to remove it.

Take a hot shower

The shower will help bring the swelling down making it easier for the duct to unclog. Massage your breast and try to hand express while having the water aim at your breast. This will help loosen the clog. Though sometimes heat can increase the swell, so you may want to try using a cold pack if that happens.

Nurse, Nurse, Nurse

  • Start on that side every time you feed your little one. It will hurt, but your baby is the best way to remove the clog. They have a lot stronger suction then pumps.
  • Try dangle feeding. This is where you get on all fours and have your baby nurse. You’ll feel silly, but gravity will help.
  • change your nursing positions and try to have your baby’s chin pointed at the clogged duct.
  • massage your breast will nursing. Some concept as in the shower.
Try medication

ibprofin or tylonal will help bring down the swelling, so the duct can unclog.

If you develop flu-like symptoms call your doctor. It’s likely you’ve developed mastitis and need antibiotics. I hope these tips will help you with that nasty clogged duct. They’re definitely painful! Do you have any tips an unclogging a blocked duct that I didn’t mention above? If so let me know in the comments!

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