5 tips to create a kids capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe for children

Capsule wardrobe for children

I have my own capsule wardrobe going on, but what about my kids who outgrow everything?

Well, I can’t stop that from happening, but a simple wardrobe for my kiddos really helps cut down the cost and how much space their clothes take up. All of my children’s clothes can fit into a dresser, but I like to hang shirts and dresses.  Here’s my version of a capsule wardrobe for children.

Buy quality clothes

when you have only a few pairs of clothes they get worn a lot right? Kid’s clothes will deal with even more wear and tear because they love to get dirty and play hard.

Quality clothes will hold up much better than cheap poorly made clothes. If you’re only buying a few clothes anyways you’ll save money in the long run.

For kids, I recommend Target’s Cat and Jack brand and for babies Hanna Anderson. These brands have hardy clothes that are great quality.


Get the basics

You don’t need the latest fashion for your kids. They’ll grow out of it in no time. Your best bet is getting classic items each time they go into a new size.

Think T-shirt, jeans, socks, shorts, skirts, etc.  This way you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of items each time they go up a size, but you look like you have a nice quality wardrobe for them.

Keep to the basic colors, white, black, khaki, gray and navy for shirts. Blue jean, white, black or gray leggings.

The seasons

For each season add these essentials to your basics. Let’s start off with summer, You need tank tops, short sleeves, shorts, skirts, and tennis shoes or flip-flops. That’s really about it!

Fall you should add pants, jackets, long sleeves, and cardigans. Also, add some closed toe shoes since it’s starting to get cold.

Winter get a nice heavy coat, snow boots, gloves, thicks socks, snowsuit, and hats.

Spring is a lot like fall, so just buy the same things if your child has outgrown their fall wardrobe. You can also start adding a few summer clothes for the warmer days.

How much you need of each item

This is a huge question of parents who want a capsule wardrobe for kids. This is just my opinion, but seven shirt and seven pants.

For girls about three skirts and cardigans.  For everyone two to three pairs of shoes depending on weather and sports/activities.

Then one or two sets of weather appropriate clothing. Get about seven pairs of underwear and same with socks.

Older children

I believe children should be allowed to dress how they please (within reason) and show their personality.  Older children will probably want to have a certain style or brand. You can still have a capsule wardrobe and do these things.

Just take your kids with you to pick out their clothes and work together to make a wardrobe you both can agree on. Make sure that the clothing item can be used in many outfits and will stand up to several wears.


I hope this helped with your questions about what your kiddos needs for a capsule wardrobe. If I missed anything let me know in the comments!

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