Burlap Valance Diy- Farmhouse decor is beatiful, but sometimes buying the decor can be expensive. Why not do it your self. Here's a simple tutorial to make your own burlap valance. Thentherwasfour.com

Burlap Valance, Diy Farmhouse Decor

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We’ve been at our home for two years now and living on our own for a four years. I’ve been so lazy about not getting the house decorated to feel more like home. I’m in love with the farmhouse style of decor. My Pintrest has a whole board dedicated to farmhouse decor. I finally decided to do one of the DIY projects I had been wanting to do for a while now. My kitchen window needed some sprucing up, so I decided to add a burlap valance. I’ve had a step by step tutorial of how to make one of your own. Enjoy!

Burlap valance – Step 1

First measure the width of your window and length. You’ll want to add about 4 inches to the width when cutting out the fabric and have to length measure half of the window length plus 4 inches. For example, my window measures 49 wide and 40 long. I cut my fabric 53 wide by 44 long.

Burlap valance- Step 2

Next I folded and ironed all the edges twice and securely pinned them. On the top half of the valance you’ll want to make about a 2 inch pocket so you can put a curtain rod through.

Burlap valance- step 3

Next you’re going to sew all the folded edges to complete the valance.

Extra touch

I wanted to make my valance look even more rustic, so I added twine to on both sides to give it a nice drape. I just picked the twine up from the dollar store and it did the trick! The burlap is from fabric.com, but you can find it at most stores that sell fabric. My kitchen is my new happy place thanks to this easy valance. It probably took me about thirty minutes to finish the valance and add a lot of character to my kitchen. Be sure to share photos of your finished valance in the comments, happy sewing!


  1. I love the way this came out!! I am so into the rustic decor trend

  2. This is adorable. I would love it in a rustic house.

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