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Breastfeeding Survival Kit

Breastfeeding survival kit

Breastfeeding is not an easy task. Especially in the beginning! You have a ton of nipple pain, constant hunger and you’re sleep deprived.

I was smart this go around and created 3 breastfeeding survival kits around my house. one is my living room where we watch TV, the nursery and my bedroom. That way I had supplies ready where ever I decided to feed in the house. Bonus tip add things like diapers and wipes since your baby will probably need to be changed before or after a feed.

Here’s what I put in my breastfeeding survival kit.

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1. Breast pads

 In the beginning, you will have random letdowns even when you’re not breastfeeding. You will want to change out your breast pads pretty often, so your breasts don’t get irritated. After a nursing is the best time, in my opinion, to switch them out.

There are two types of pads, disposable and washable. I prefer washable ones since they are better for the environment, but let’s be real. a new mom has enough laundry and things to do during the day. Disposable ones are great too.

I recommend:bamboobies Disposable Nursing Pad & Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

2. Haakaa

This is such a great invention! When you are feeding your baby you will have a let down in the other breast as well. You can catch this extra milk with the Haakaa. This is a #1 recommendation in my mom groups and breastfeeding groups.  It’s a great way to start saving up breast milk for when you go back to work without pumping before the recommended time. You’ll be surprised how fast it saves up.

3. Nipple cream

Your nipples will be sensitive and can crack. Nipple cream will help soothe the pain and keep them hydrated.

I recommend: Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

4. Water bottle

You will get super thirsty while breastfeeding. Having water handy is so nice! I constantly asked my husband for water until I realized having a water bottle ready at each station was so much easier. You also need to be well hydrated to keep your supply up.

5. Snacks

You need 500 extra calories like when you were pregnant. I promise you’ve never felt a hunger like when your breastfeeding. You also can get cravings like when you were pregnant. Keep a healthy snack in your kit.

6. Entertainment

Feedings take about 20-30 minutes or even longer during cluster feeding. You should keep your favorite book hand or a tablet handy. I do my blog work from my phone during feeding sessions as well. Netflix and Hulu rocks for cluster feedings. You’ll be there for a while.

7. Nursing pillow

Your arms get tired holding that seemingly tiny newborn. A nursing pillow will put your baby at the perfect hight to feed and let you have both hands free if you do it right. boppy pillows are really popular but can be too small for curvy mama’s. The breast friend nursing pillow is a great alternative.


I hope this breastfeeding survival kit will help make breastfeeding easier. Do you have a must-have item when it comes to breastfeeding? Let us know in the comments!

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