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5 Bad Habits of a Stay at Home Mom

5 Bad Habits of a Stay at Home Mom

Let me start off by saying that I still do a lot of these things, but I am trying to get better about it. I had this fantasy life in my head. I would wake up, make my children an elaborate breakfast, do fun educational activities all day long, etc. but I’ve created some bad habits as a stay at home mom.

In reality, I oversleep constantly, breakfast is a store-bought muffin and I don’t do near enough fun activities with them. The mom guilt is bad, but that’s a whole nother post.

I have/ had gained so many bad habits of a stay at home mom. It has made me depressed and almost unhappy that I stayed home with my kids, but you can change that. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m happy in my role now and am glad I didn’t rejoin the workforce. Here are the 5 bad habits you need to break.

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1. Sleeping in

I started my stay at home journey while I was pregnant with my first. I had anxiety so bad that I couldn’t even leave the house. We decided that I would stay home and then a month later I fell pregnant.

I slept all the time because A. being pregnant makes you tired and B. I was lonely. I kept this habit with both children, but on days I would wake up early our days were much better. It also helps me be productive, now you don’t have to wake up at 6 A.M. but let’s say 8 ish.

You can take care of more before the kids get up (my kid’s sleep tell 10ish most days), so you may have to get up earlier. When I get up early I cook breakfast, get some blogging done, and clean. I seriously am a mommy rock star if I get up early.

You also don’t have to be cleaning or working. This may be the only time of day that you’re alone. try getting some yoga in, or meditation. Drink a hot cup of coffee or read your favorite book. Take time to care for your self.

2. trying to do it all

This is another thing I have issues with. I try to do it all. I want the perfect house, perfectly kept kids, to look amazing, etc. that’s just not reality, and is very stressful.

I’ve made a commitment that I won’t try to be the perfect mom. I want to be a happy mom, I want to enjoy every minute of them. They won’t remember the dirty house as much as me spending time with them.

Dinner is my downfall. By the time we’re there in the day, I can’t produce the energy to think about what to make. We usually end up with something unhealthy or pizza. My favorite way to make dinner is with Blue Apron or Hello Fresh both have amazing family friendly meal plans.

 Their plans are healthy, delicious and take about 30 minutes to make. According to my grandma in law, you can’t recreate their meals because their products are so fresh and amazing.

Now that I sound like an advertisement. Just remember meal plans, companies or take out can help you with your weekly tasks.

3. Staying home all the time

I didn’t like to leave in the beginning because of money.  The thought of spending money since I didn’t bring any in made me cringe, so I wouldn’t leave the house.

In reality, it made me very unhappy. I used to be a very social person before having kids, so leaving the house was a priority after becoming depressed.

I take my kiddos to Jabbers, out to eat, parks or with me when doing personal stuff weekly. Just this week Cody got me a massage off of Groupon for a discounted price.

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4. Not feeling like you bring enough to the table

This isn’t an issue for me anymore, but it was. as a child who grew up with two working parent’s, I believed I should too. I was so determined to make money from home, so I didn’t have to spend my “husbands money”. In reality, we both make that money.

I am a cook, maid, babysitter and much more! I save my family so much money with all of the things I do. You deserve to spend the money your husband brings home. You help your husband in so many ways.

5. Not practicing self-care

After spending all day cleaning, cooking, caring for my children and giving my husband attention I have nothing left for me. My hair is in a constant mom bun with knots, my skin is dull and dry. I don’t remember the last time I read a book or did an activity just because it makes me happy.

I was doing very well about taking nightly baths when pregnant, but that’s hard with two kids. My goal for this new year is to do at least one thing a day just for my self. I also plan to do a hair treatment and face mask once a week.  My diet also needs an overhaul, so eating healthier is on the list too.


Having bad habits of a stay at home mom can really affect your happiness. You and I need to take care of our selves. Our children want a happy, healthy and loving mother. What bad habits do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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bad habits of a stay at home mom| being a stay at home mom can be a challenge. Your are expected to clean, cook, shop, teach and play with your children and much more. You can gain some bad habits if you don't have a solid routine and self care plan.

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