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Baby Proof your Whole Home

Baby proof your whole home

No one likes to see they’re baby hurt, but babies are so accident prone it’s bound to happen. I don’t know how many times my poor kiddos have received a bonk on the head or smashed their little fingers. It’s almost as traumatizing for me as it is them.

That’s where baby proofing comes into play. Now you can’t prevent every boo boo, but you can prevent many injuries. Here’s how to baby proof your whole home.

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The NSC estimates Doors are notorious for smashing little fingers or lettings baby’s get into a room they shouldn’t be in. There are plenty of safety gear to prevent this though!

Doorknob covers are a great way to keep walking babies out of room’s they shouldn’t be in. The two-piece device snaps around the doorknob and must be pinched in the open areas to turn the knob. I have trouble opening doors that have them my self, so I know my baby and toddler aren’t going to be able to.


The Door monkey is next on the list of safety features. This item is great, because not only does it make it so your kiddo can’t open the door, but prevents your little ones fingers from getting smashed. It’s also great for doors that have lever handles instead of round ones. You can operate it on both sides of the door as well.

Finger pinch guard door stopper protects your little ones from getting their fingers smashed. It’s so sad when your baby smashes their finger and could result in broken fingers. There are also some DIY versions.

Door top lock’s are great for keeping your escape artist inside. My toddler can unlock our front door and escapes constantly. Since adding a top lock she’s never outside without an adult. This one can be opened on both sides, so you don’t have to worry about locking someone out of the house.



Every 6 minutes a child under 5 falls down the stairs (Source). As a family with stairs and a mother who likes to sew, gates are great to have around. I say as a mother who likes to sew, because I can put a gate between me and the kids while I sew, so no one grabs a sharp pointy object. You can also use a gate to block of rooms that may not have a door. My kitchen doesn’t, so we just put a gate in the walk way and no more babies in the kitchen when I’m cooking.

Regalo Easy Open Baby Gate is my favorite gate for our stairs. I have one at the top of the stairs and at the bottom. They’re super easy to open, so no trying to jump over the top like you would with a traditional baby gate. You just pinch the button, pull back and open the gate.

Play yard’s are super nice for keeping your baby in one single area. Yeah they look like something you’d use for a dog, but they work and that’s all that matters! I used mine a lot when I ran a sewing business, so my toddler (baby at the time) couldn’t get into any thing while I worked.

gate for the fire place is important too. Fires are dangerous, but kids love the pretty color. We don’t have a fire place, but in laws do. My daughter loves to look at it, but has learned that its hot.


Little fingers loves to explore and outlets/cords are at the perfect level when your baby is just learning to crawl. There are multiple ways to cover the outlets and protect your cords.

Outlet Plug Covers are plastic things that can be plugged into unused outlets. Making it impossible for little fingers to go in the dangerous socket. They’re pretty inexpensive too.

Self-Closing Outlet Covers are an nice alternative to outlet covers. They look like normal outlets but closes when not in use. They’re more expensive then outlet covers, but you won’t have to worry about remembering to put the outlet cover back on after use.

If your baby is anything like mine, they love cords and to pull them. Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover are great at preventing this. I wish I had known about these when my oldest was a baby. At least I’m prepared this go around!

 My husband has power strips everywhere. They’re just as dangerous as outlets. Check out this Safety 1st Power Strip Cover. I mean how cool is this? I get a little too excited about my children’s safety haha.


The bathroom can be a very dangerous place for kids. Especially the bath! My daughter can turn on the faucet and tends to bonk her head on the spout quit often. Luckily they’re are plenty of ways to make it safer.

Not only does this Spout Cover protect your kiddos head, but tells you how hot the water is. I am always terrified of getting the bath too warm or too cold, so this is great!

Toilet lock’s are great for keeping little fingers from getting smashed and your tooth brush from being thrown in. I don’t know how many times I’ve fished things out of the toilet. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!

Drawers and cabinets are usually in the bathroom as well as places like the kitchen. With Safety Catches you can keep your drawers from opening and with Sliding Locks you can keep the cabinets closed. I still use these items to keep my toddler out of the bathroom drawers and cabinets since we have medications in our bathroom.


Furniture is heavy and tends to have sharp corners. Having things anchored and padded furniture will help keep your baby safe.

edges and corner guards are great for tables and other furniture with sharp edges. My daughter has gone head first into out table while running around. No bruises, but was a bit startling for both of us!

Furniture Straps are great for T.V. stands and dressers. My worst nightmare happened when toddler knocked her dresser on top of herself (begged my husband to anchor it for months). I decided enough was enough and anchored it my self.


Our babies are our greatest joy. We try to protect them at all costs and hate to see when they are hurt. Here is how to baby proof  your whole home. Did I miss a baby proofing step? Let me know in the comments!

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