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a Month of Frugal Meals

A month of frugal meals

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I’m all about frugal meals I can make during the busy work week. What if you had a month of frugal meals in your arsenal?

I’m a stay at home mom, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy. Between taking the kids to activities, shopping, cleaning, and blogging I’m exhausted by dinner time.

We use to just order pizza, but that’s not realistic on one income. I decided to learn how to make for my small family, but these recipes can work for a large family as well. Bonus! some of these meals cater to food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free and clean eating people.

frugal meat-free meals

Mac and cheese

Try this white bean mac and cheese for a meat-free dinner or lunch!


easy cheesy ravioli lasagna

This cheesy dish has some yummy spinach giving it a healthy side.

crock pot three bean chili

like lentils, beans are a great cheap alternative to meat. With this recipe, you won’t even notice there’s no meat!

mashed potatoes with greens

Mashed potatoes aren’t exactly a meal, but a great cheap side dish. With added greens, it’s even fairly healthy.


Vegan chickpea nuggets

we were vegan for several months at one time. I love vegan “chicken nuggets” and was also a hit with my kids.

cheesy lentil quesadillas

Lentils in a quesadilla? Talk about a yummy hearty vegetarian meal!

pasta with cannellini beans and asparagus

I’m an Asparagus lover!  This mean is nice and filling with the beans.

mushroom stroganoff with pumpkin

Up your stroganoff game with pumpkin! Talk about yummy!

Bowtie pasta with alfredo

This is a great cheap meal that most kids will love because almost all kids love pasta. I love carbs too.

potato goulash

My dad made goulash all the time while we grew up. It’s seriously an awesome frugal dinner.

frugal dinners

Snow on the mountain

A delicious way to use up leftover turkey or chicken! As well as being healthy and light.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are a staple in my household. Especially when made from scratch. This recipe is also paleo!

Southwest Skillet Chicken And Rice

This hearty rice dish will keep your family full and feed a big family.

Apricot Chicken

This five-ingredient meal is great for a cheap weeknight meal!

Mexican tuna melt

Tuna is a cheap and healthy for dinner or even lunch!


Meatloaf is a childhood favorite of mine. It’s a great frugal meal that children will usually eat.

baked chicken avocado taquitos

These taquitos aren’t only cheap, but healthy. You can also freeze the extra for future meals.

roasted chicken

Not only do you get one great meal, but you can use the leftovers in several meals. Think chicken noodle soup.

chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie is another childhood favorite of mine. What’s even better is homemade pot pie!


instant pot pot roast

Pot roast was a favorite among us kids. I loved seeing my mom getting out the crockpot because I knew she was going to make a pot roast. In an Instant Pot, it only takes 50 minutes instead of all day to get a delicious meal.

Beef and broccoli over rice

This is a favorite in my house. My husband and daughter are picky eaters, so that’s saying something.

gluten-free chicken nuggets

This recipe will be a hit with your children with food allergies! I mean who doesn’t love chicken nuggets?

beef stroganoff casserole

I love beef stroganoff but hate standing and cooking it all. This recipe means less cooking for me.

Hobo dinner packs hamburger and potatoes

foil pack dinners are really popular lately and I can see why. They are so easy.

leftover baked potato bacon casserole

Make breakfast into dinner.

Parmesan chicken mushroom orzo

This recipe makes my mouth water. Rice and chicken usually equal a very frugal meal.



creamy chicken soup with egg noodles

I love chicken soup. One way to make thing soup even cheaper is by making your own egg noodles!

creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Soups are great frugal meals and can feed a lot of people.

Carrot Soup

I love carrots! I never had carrot soup, but after seeing this recipe I’m so making some.

instant pot lentil soup

Lentils are a great cheap alternative to meat! It only takes 30 minutes to cook and 15 minutes prep work!

Here’s your list of a month of frugal meals. I really hope you enjoy them. I know I will! What’s your favorite frugal meal you have constantly?

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