things you need in your postpartum kit

9 Things you need in your postpartum kit

Things you need in your postpartum kit

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You just spent 9 months growing a baby and then you delivered said watermelon size baby. Be it vaginally or by c-section. Your body has been through hell and back, now it’s time for some TLC.

You’re going to be sore, you may have some stitches and your organs are moving back into place.

Not only does giving birth wear on your body, but so does a newborn who needs feed and wakes every 2 hours. So, I’ve compiled a list of all the things you need in your postpartum kit.

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Postpartum kit


You usually receive a huge bag of gigantic pads and mesh underwear, but eventually, the bleeding slows down. That will be when you want to switch to normal pads.

You can also prepare padsicles all you need is pads, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera.  Click the padsicle link to get a full tutorial.

Granny panties 

No one likes the granny panties that you have to wear after giving birth, but they’re necessary for the pads. The only give you so many mesh underwear for after delivery. Surprisingly they’re pretty comfortable.

Sweatpants or leggings 

You won’t usually fit back into your jeans right away. leggings and sweatpants will be your saving grace.

I tended to sit in bed a lot with my newborns while I established breastfeeding. It would have been uncomfortable to be in my jeans.

nursing bras & nursing pads

If you plan to nurse you are going to need both nursing bras and nursing pads.

you’ll need nursing pads because you will leak all over your shirt whenever you nurse, sometimes even when you’re not.

Nursing bras are great because you can unsnap them to make nursing easier and you don’t stretch your bra out.

Epsom salts 

You’re going to be sore down there and soaking in Epsom salts really helps! Even if you don’t tear you’ll probably have some road burn.

Bonus it helps soothes your sore body and the lavender scented one soothes your mind. I was so sore all over after delivering my baby.

Hemerroid wipes

You just pushed a baby out. It’s very likely you have hemorrhoids and won’t want to use regular toilet paper for a while. These hemorrhoid wipes will help soothe everything in that region.

Stool softener

Like I said before you probably will have hemorrhoids. When you have them it’s really uncomfortable to go.

A stool softener will be your best friend!


you’ll most likely still be in some pain when you get home. Tylenol will help dull that discomfort.


You’re going to be very sleep deprived! You’ll want all the coffee, but if breastfeeding be cautious. Too much caffeine can upset your little one.


There are the 9 things you need in your postpartum recovery kit! You don’t have to be miserable during postpartum recovery. Tell me what you included or plan to include in your kit below!


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