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6 Unique Gender Reveals and Party Ideas

Unique gender reveals and party ideas

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With my first baby, I just told everyone she was a girl. I didn’t even know what a Gender reveal was! Finn was a whole different story! Being more aware of the fun things you could do during your pregnancy I wanted to throw my own gender reveal. I didn’t have a baby shower or sprinkle with Finn since I had a ton of stuff left from having River and my sister gave me clothes.

I spent hours looking for fun themes and ways to announce his gender. Being the impatient person I am I knew his gender, which isn’t usually the norm for gender reveals. It was still for everyone and super fun.

I used colored smoke bomb things and lit them with my husband. I went with a gold, blush and mint color theme which was super cute! though I’m a little bias!

There were so many options to choose from and today I’m going to share with you some unique gender reveals and themes I’ve found.

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The ways to reveal 

Basketball fans

If you’re a basketball fan you’ll love this one! It’s a box that is attached to the basketball hoop netting. Once you throw the basketball through it knocks the streamers down revealing the gender of your baby.

The volcano 

This is such a great idea to do if you have other children to keep them involved. This is the most unique gender reveal I’ve seen. It’s just the simple elementary school volcano. If you don’t remember exactly how to do it check out her post. She gives a step by step tutorial. Volcano gender reveal.

Rubber ducky

If you love bath bombs, you’ll love this gender reveal! You place the rubber ducky in a thing of water and the fizzy dissolves in the water turning either pink or blue. If you’d like to purchase one follow the link. Rubber ducky gender reveal.

Pillow fight!

What would be more fun then to have a pillow fight with your husband to find out your baby’s gender? You could also use feathers instead of flour. Pillow fight gender reveal.

Party themes

Gold, peach, and mint

This is post is where I got the idea for my gender reveal theme. I just love the pretty colors.

Gun and glitter

This is the perfect theme if you love to hunt, but also enjoy girly things. You can get the banner here.

Pirate and mermaids

So, the writer of this post created this party for her 3 and 6 years old, but the theme would work great for a gender reveal. Talk about a unique gender reveal theme.

You can get a lot of the supplies for these unique gender reveal ideas and parties from places like targetMicheal’s, and Online fabric store.


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