things every pregnant woman needs during the summer

5 things every pregnant woman needs in the summer

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Pregnancy in the summer is most women’s nightmare, right? You’re big, sweating and uncomfortable!  It doesn’t have to be though!

Swimming pools keep you cool and help your aches and pains. You can eat all the fresh (in-season) fruit and veggies you want. Oh, and ice cream, let’s not forget the ice cream!

I’ve compiled a list of items of 10 things every pregnant woman needs in the summer. These items will help make your summer pregnancy pleasant and safe.

5 things every pregnant woman needs in the summer

A swimsuit 

I always wore my two-piece swimsuit, but some women prefer a one-piece or swimsuit that covers their belly.  That’s where you need to find a pregnancy-friendly swimsuit. otherwise, your poor belly is going to feel squished.

Try this one-piece or this cute two-piece tankini from Amazon.


Pregnant women are more likely to burn because of all the new hormones running through your body. Make sure you watch out for chemical filled sunscreen. It can seep into your bloodstream and reach your baby, which would be no good.

Try out this sunscreen which isn’t only good for you, but your future baby.

Summer clothes

Maternity clothes are getting much modern and cute. I love shopping at Motherhood Maternity for my maternity clothes. You can also buy dresses and stretchy shorts if you’re on a budget.


You need a ton of water when you’re pregnant. If you get too dehydrated you can go into preterm labor, which isn’t good.

My favorite thing is getting a water bottle, putting ice, fruit, and water in it. I feel fancy and the fruit makes it taste yummy while being healthy.

A fan

air conditioners are great, but when it’s really hot out it’s hard for the house to cool down. A fan blowing on you will help you stay cool. Take a handheld fan when you out and about. In case you have an untimely hot flash.


Being pregnant and hot isn’t fun, but a summer pregnancy shouldn’t be dreaded! These 5 items will make your pregnancy enjoyable and keep you nice and cool. Tell me about your summer pregnancy in the comments below!

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