10 things I stopped buying to save money
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10 Things I stopped buying to save money

10 Things I stopped buying to save money

I grew up as a lower-middle-class kid maybe even lower than that. My two working parents had to sacrifice to take care of four kids. I even went to work in our family owned store at the age of 13 and eventually worked at our family-owned cafe until I met my husband.  ( even with these family-owned businesses we lived in a little town, meaning not a huge profit.)

My husband changed that for me. I was able to stay home while pregnant and have any of my needs met. After adding a few babies and moving to an actual home to accommodate us all. We needed to learn how to save money and be frugal. Here are 10 things I stopped buying to save money.

1. Name Brand Food

This is the easiest step to take for me. I only started buying named brand or organic food because we could afford it. In reality, the generic brand is usually just as good and cheaper. If it’s not cheaper then it usually has more in it.

Now I still do buy a few name brand items, like my cheese must be Tillamook and my husband agrees.  It’s cutting out the name brand foods that make no difference to us, that allows us to keep buying our expensive cheese.

2. Name Brand Medication

Generic medication seems like a scary gamble. In reality, the FDA regulates every medication. The same active ingredients are in both the name brand and generic. The only difference is the inactive ingredients.

I can get my generic medications for four dollars at Walmart, compared to 100’s for the name brand. If we had to pay 100’s we may not even bother buying the medication and that would hurt us in the long run.

3.  Take Out or Fast Food

I am a lover of takeout! Sushi and nachos are my jam (not together of course).  Also, being a stay at home mom, going out to eat is one way for me to connect with the world. It’s way too expensive to go out to eat or get take out for dinner. It’s also bad for your health, which in the long run will cost you.

I now cook every meal at home and try to recreate my favorite takeout. I also love Hello Fresh for easy dinners on busy weeknights, everything is so good and good for you. Another quick tip is to put any leftovers is food storage to eat later. That way there is always food ready to eat and you waste less food.

4. Books or Magazines

Now hear me out, I do still read like a crazy lady, but I don’t pay near as much or anything at all. I use my local library whenever possible! Now they don’t always have what I want, sad day, but I have other options. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan is a great way to get as many books as you want.

5. Things that I can make by hand

I’m a sucker for the bakery area in a store. I love banana bread and chocolate chip cookies, but they cost soo much! I can make them at home for a lot cheaper and probably healthier. I love using these bread pans.

This doesn’t just stop at food, I love DIY projects when I know I can do it for cheaper. My husband made me a floating shelf out of a fence post and I used leftover stain to make it beautiful. It’s my favorite thing in my living room.

6. Brand New Clothes

I love getting new clothes, but prices are crazy anymore for brand new clothes. With two kiddos growing like weeds it’s just not possible to fork out all that money. So I found a cheaper way, I love to thrift store shop. I found a high-quality thrift store where I buy all of our clothes, even my husbands.

I can get lucky fairly often and even find name brand clothes for mere dollars. Finding household items I need there is easy as well!

7.  Premade Seasoning

We love tacos and sloppy joes in my house! I use to buy the pre-made seasoning packets and call it good. I finally realized it was starting to add up. I looked into making my own and found it to be cheaper and healthier. I already used many of the things on a daily bases, so I had the ingredients on hand whenever the craving hit.

8. Premade Pizza

That’s right, I make my own pizza! It’s cheaper, healthier and much tastier! I make my own dough and can get two pizzas out of it. This way I have one frozen in the freezer, ready for a busy night.

I don’t make my own sauce yet, but find that the cheap Fred Myer version tastes great! If you’re not into kneading your own dough (it’s a lot of work) try a kitchen aid with a dough hook.

9. Swiffer Pads

I loved my Swiffer mop, but the pads were getting expensive! I finally decided to switch back to a normal mop. I save so much money and it is just as efficient as the Swiffer mop.

10. Makeup Remover

This wasn’t hard for me to give up, because I never found a makeup remover I liked. I learned a neat trick, that coconut oil would remove my make up much easier and for cheaper. I was already using it as a hair mask, so I wasn’t forking out extra money.


I still have many things I could probably give up to save money, but these 10 things I stopped buying to save money have really helped. What have you stopped buying to save money? Let us know in the comments!

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