Breastfeeding Tips

I spent months researching how to do everything properly and make it easy as possible. We’re 8 weeks in and see no end in sight! Here are the tips I used to succeed at breastfeeding.

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How to succeed at breastfeeding- breastfeeding is hard at first, but with some work you can do it. thentherewasfour,com

Natural Labor and Delivery

Having a natural labor and delivery was something I had only toyed.With my daughter my water broke before labor started and being a first time mom I headed straight to the hospital.

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6 ways to have an amazing natural labor and delivery- A natural birth is very possible! It just takes some preparation. #natrualbirth #pregnancy #laboranddelivery thentherewasfour.com

Navigating Motherhood and Marriage

Everyday I learn something new about being a mother and wife. I also have constant questions about what I should be doing for my little family. Over the last 3 years I think I’ve learned quit a bit about being a stay at home mom, work at home mom, a diy selfer, cook, wife and many other skills. I want to share with other mother what I’ve learned, since so many mothers have been kind enough to teach me the way.